• Week of: 5/31/2020

    Teachers Name/ Subject:      Ms. LaBuda/ Math                                  

    Teacher’s Email:         labudam02@hasdk12.org

    Students, with the support of parents, should complete all of the listed assignments on each of their teacher’s website, weekly.   My assignments are listed below.  When you complete the assignments on my page, you will click the link at the bottom of this page to go to your next teacher's page. Take your time and complete the assignments at your own pace. Establish a daily routine.  If you have a question about any assignment, my email is listed above. 


    Teacher Message: 
    Hello Students and Parents!

    We have made great strides over the last several weeks connecting with each other and working together. I look forward to continuing this adventure with you. We will continue to grow as learners through online learning and I'm excited to be part of this with you!

    Learning Objectives for the week: 


    complete benchmark on study island 


    Standards Addressed: 

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    Students please watch this week’s lesson and complete the assignments below– you should complete this by the end of the week. Each assignment is a clickable link; when you click on the assignment, you will be directed to the website needed to access the assignments. 



    *If you are unable to access the notes/ assignments on the learning center please email me and I can attach a copy to an email.

    4 LaBuda   /   4Maduro   /    4 Merrick   

        All Notes are accessible on Skyward Learning Center                                                                     


    All students should work on and complete the assigned math benchmark in study island. The benchmark does not need to be completed in one day. You can save the benchmark and work on it over th ecourse of 2 or 3 days. Try your best! This is a chance for me to see what you learned this year, but it is not graded. I encourage you to use a calculator and write down the problems as you work through them, however, please try to work on this without help for others.    

    Log into Imagine Learning/Reading:

    To access Imagine Learning you must use Google Chrome browser.  
    Click on the Chrome icon to download Google Chrome and then return to THIS PAGE and click on the Clever icon to begin your Imagine Learning Lesson.

    chrome                                         Study Island                            

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    Extra Practice: 
    Study Island Extra Practice #1

    Khan Academy or Prodigy

    Next Teacher’s Assignments:
    Students, click the link at the bottom of the page to move on to the next teacher assignments.

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