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    Online Instruction:Week of 6-1-2020

    Subject:   Science 

    Class Period(s): All Classes 

    Teacher Message:   Grade 8: This week's topic is Natural Selection and the Natural Selection Lab. If you have finished last week's topic, please work on the The Theory Of Evolution lessons for this week. If you have not yet finished last weeks lesson, please continue working on that. Remember, please work at your own pace. If you have any questions, please email me on Edgenuity.


    Grade 7: This week's topics are Properties of Light and The Electromagnetic Spectrum. Please continue to log in to Edgenuity and continue your work. Remember that these are this weeks topics and if you have not finished last weeks material, no worries, keep working at your own pace. Please email me in Edgenuity if you have any questions!


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    Weekly Objective(s): Grade 7: 

    1. Describe the wave and particle models of light.
    2. Explain what happens when light interacts with objects.
    3. Recognize what determines the color of an object.
    4. Describe the different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.
    5. Distinguish how electromagnetic waves differ from one another.
    6. Identify how different types of electromagnetic waves are used.

       Grade 8:


    1. Examine how natural selection leads to evolution.
    2. Identify the conditions required for natural selection.
    3. Identify ways in which genetic variation and environmental factors contribute to natural selection.
    4. Describe factors that contribute to the extinction of a species.







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