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    Mr. Kotansky                   
    Grade (s): Elementary Grades 4
    Subject (s):  Health & Wellness

    Important Message

    Hello Everyone: 

    First, I want to say that I hope you all are safe and staying healthy. This can be a difficult time for everyone. Please remember to stay positive and we will all get through this together. Some of you may have already been in contact with me via Classdojo. If you haven't please email me at the address above so I can add you. Using classdojo gives us an opportunity to stay in touch with each other. On there you will find many great activites that can help keep use refreshed and enriched. Please now that none of the activities are mandatory nor will they be graded, but they are encouraged and we will all be able to stay connected moving forward. I look forward to seeing everyone in school soon and remember keep smiling and enjoy this quality family time! 

    Mr. K