Mr. Kotansky (Mr. K)                
    Grade: 4th Grade Health
    Subject: Health & Wellness

    Welcome Back!! 

    I know many of you may be nervous returning this year after a rollercoaster ride of emotions thanks to Covid 19. As we return, its important to remember we've been here before and to take the necessary steps to be safe. As your Health teacher, I want to ensure a safe environment for all my students and will try my best to not only remind us of the safety procedures put in place at school but also teach how we as a class and community can fight back against germs.  Throughout the school year we will cover a variety of different topics, some of which you may have heard of others may come as a surprise. I sincerely look forward to teaching you all this year and with you help we will make the 2021-22 school year a memorable one. 

    Mr. K