• Week of June 1st

    Teachers Name/ Subject:  Mr. Malone - Science                                 

    Teacher’s Email:  malones@hasdk12.org

    Teacher Message: 
    Congratulations! you've made to the final week of 6th grade.  Your hard work has paid off!

    Standards Addressed: 

    S.6.D.3 Composition and Structure of the Universe.

    S.6.D.3.1 Explain the relationships between objects in the Universe.

    Learning Objectives for the week: Identify and describe Life cycle of a star and 3 major types of galaxies 

    View Lesson Here:

     >>Click Here<<   for lesson on (3) major galaxies and Life cycle of Star from Mr. Malone.  Once finished please complete the (2) lessons below

    If you want to check out Tim and Moby on Brainpop for video on Life cycle of a star  User Name is Malones   Password is Open1up


    6MA Homeroom

     6G Homeroom

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     6MY Homeroom

    Assignment #1 Galaxies

     Assignment #1 Galaxies

     Assignment #1 Galaxies

     Assignment #1 Galaxies

    ` Assignment #2 Life Cycle of Star

     Assignment #2 Life cycle of Star

     Assignment #2 Life Cycle of Star

    Assignment #2  Life Cycle of Star


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    Extra Practice:
    “Students please try some of these websites for additional practice”.  Starfall/Prodigy/Study Island , etc.

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