• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Merrick

                        Mrs. Merrick's Classroom Procedures
         Welcome to Room 23! My name is Mrs. Merrick and I teach Reading, English, and Spelling. Here are a few things you should know to help make the school year run smoothly. My email address: merrickn@hasdk12.org
         We have a lot of great stories that will be read this year in our Reading Anthology along with a few chapter books that interest the students. A Reading Workbook/Practice Book will be used for reinforcement of skills taught in class.
         Each student was given a Reading Notebook that is to be used for story vocabulary, notes, and comprehension questions. This notebook will be checked periodically. There will be a weekly skill test given to assess the reading skills that were taught during the week. An open book story quiz may be given after each story along with a vocabulary quiz.
       *Each student is required to have a silent reading book with them everyday! Approximately 20 minutes per day will be set aside for silent reading - this is required.
       *Book Reports - One book report will be assigned each marking period. All information required for the book report will be reviewed in class and sent home.
         Each student has an English book with the following units being covered this year: Sentences; Capitalization and Punctuation; Nouns; Verbs; Adjectives; Pronouns; and Adverbs. ( The unit on Capitalization and Punctuation can be difficult! The students need to be accurate.)
       At the end of each unit there will be a Unit Test. Plenty of notice will be given. Quizzes will be administered throughout the unit as needed.
       There will be workbook pages that are photocopied and used in the classroom or for homework. There are also Grammar pages in the Reading Workbook that we may be using from time to time as we proceed through the year.
         There is a Spelling Workbook that will be used this year. Each lesson has 25 words. ALL SPELLING HOMEWORK, ASSIGNMENTS, AND TESTS NEED TO BE WRITTEN IN CURSIVE.
         *Spelling words will be introduced at the beginning of the week, and that week's words will be tested on Friday.
         *Spelling homework varies. (It may include: 3 x each, ABC order, Sentences, etc.) Spelling homework is assigned the day the words are introduced and due the next day. There also may be a Spelling page assigned for homework throughout the week.
    *Word of the Day*
         Each student will receive a notebook for the "Word of the Day" word. A new word will be given everyday and students are encouraged to study the words often. A quiz will be given after every 25 words. This is to help reinforce knowledge of words and their meanings for better understanding on the PSSA tests.
    *PSSA Practice*
         Throughout the year, the students will be reviewing special vocabulary and practice pages to prepare for the upcoming PSSA tests this spring. Please review this material with your child and encourage him/her to review this important material at home throughout the year. Together we can halp each student be confident and successful!
    All homework needs to be completed and handed in on time.
    One day late = -10 points
    More than one day late = ZERO 
    Little Arrow Homework is expected to be handed in on time for full credit.
    Little Arrow Students are responsible for writing down their assignments.
    Little Arrow If a student is absent they may check this webpage daily for missed assignments and also check their classroom mailbox for missed assignments.
    Little Arrow Vocabulary for our current story should be studied nightly.
    Little Arrow A vocabulary quiz will be given for each story followed by a story quiz.