Mr. Fred Dute

                                                  Email: dutef@hasdk12.org
                                                  Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext. 26500
                                                  3rd Grade
                                                  Social Studies & Science
    Welcome to Mr. Dute's Web Page: 
    Dear Parents and Guardians, Welcome to "On-line Instruction"
    I am going to have new "Enrichment Activities," worksheets, etc. and I will be working on uploading educational videos.  There will be something for your child to do almost daily.
     Click on the "tab" labeled "Monday, March 30th Enrichment " There are now new materials for
    Tuesday, March 31st.
    There is a worksheet in pdf format reviewing the vocabulary from  Science about the Earth.
    Also, there is a story about the "First Moon Landing" with questions to follow.  Finally, there is a picture of a "rocket ship" that your child can color for fun!
    I would love feedback letting me know if you were able to print out the documents, and later if you are able to access the videos I will be uploading.
    This is a new way of teaching for myself as well so please just bear with me as I try my best to
    instruct your child.
     If you have any questions, please E-mail me at dutef@hasdk12.org.  I will be checking my E-mail regularly and I wil try to respond in a timely manner.
    Take care!
    Mr. Fred Dute