Our Health Class


    Many of you are probably wondering what health class is all about. Some will say it's about the human body, some will say exercise, some will even say eating healthy and your right but, Health class is much more.  Throughout the school year we will dive into many different topics. Those topics include: Germs & How to Fight Them, Online safety & Bullying, Good Decisions vs. Bad ones which will include a little discussion on drugs & alcohol, and, of course, the human body and how exercise & nutrition impact it. 

    Our class will meet once a week on your assigned day. Classes last about 40 minutes and during that time we will have class discussions, assignments, projects, quizzes/tests, and maybe some homework.  Students are expected to come prepared with a pencil, their laptop, and an open mind. Classes will begin with an open-ended question to get our minds thinking about the topic for the day and students will be asked to complete the work at the bell in their virtual notebooks when assigned too. All assignments will be posted either in Teams or on our class webpage.  We are in this together. Think of Health class like the old "Magic School Bus". If you seen it, then remember to buckle up and enjoy the ride as we explore the various components of what makes us human.