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    Grade: 7th
    Subject: Science



    A good notebook will be a must in order to be successful inscience class. Notebooks will be checked at the end of every quarter and willbe counted as a TEST Grade.  I will belooking for all the key terms, the proper notes, board work, science starters,labs/activities, and any other work we do in the notebook. I want you to be successfuland having a good notebook will greatly help you in science class. Finally, thenotes for every chapter are on Mr. Kringe’s webpage.


    We will usually have a project, research report, orpresentation every quarter. We will apply some of the concepts we learned inclass. Projects will be announced on the Assignments Page of Mr. Kringe’swebpage. Q1 Project- researching a storm or natural disaster. Q2- Creating andpresenting a Weather Forecast (national and for a local area).


    Homework will be give 1-2x/week and checked the followingday. It should improve your science grade. Under the homework section of Mr.K’s webpage, you will find the homework assignments. IF WE HAVE NO HOMEWORK,YOU CAN REVIEW YOUR KEY TERMS AND NOTES FOR THE CURRENT CHAPTER. I recommenddoing this nightly so cramming for the test isn’t too much.


    Tests will be announced a week before the test date. I willgive you a review sheet to help you study for the tests. The review sheet isalso on my website—no excuses for losing your review sheet. We will go over thereview sheet the day before the test. PLEASE NOTE--- Some of the questions arethinking questions where you have to apply your knowledge to answer thequestion. It won’t a one word answer or a definition.


    Usually, they are open-notebook quizzes. Can also behomework or partner assignments that will be graded.

    Please utilize my webpage. Log onto the Hazleton Area SchoolDistrict Website www.hasdk12.org . Selectunder school: Heights Terrace, then click on teachers, click Kringe and you arethere! You can look at the notes, review sheets, check assignments &homework as well as email me: kringek@hasd.org




     When a bad choice hasbeen made 2x, a Think About It Sheet will be sent home to you to sign and bringback to me. It just lets you know we had a problem and we are working tocorrect it. It will affect their Participation Grade. 3x detention will beassigned and I will call you to let you know.


    If you need extra credit, here is what to do. You will finda newspaper or internet article.  Summarize the article, then tell how it relates to science (using ourdefinition of science, and your background knowledge). Cut out or print out thearticle and attach it to your summary and how it relates paragraphs and hand itin. Each one you hand in can get you 10 extra credit points; however, 10 pointsis given to a finished project that is done at a HIGH LEVEL—completely followeddirections, provided good insight and connections to what we’ve learned. Amaximum of 20 can be done in one quarter.


    Participation is 25%of your grade. I calculate participation using the acronym “PACE”.Every day you come to class you have the opportunity to earn 4 points.  1 point for Participation which means you are activelyinvolved in the class, actively listening, and doing what is expected. 1 pointfor Attitudewill be given for displaying a good attitude and staying on task. Another pointwill be given for Commitment which means you come to class prepared withthe necessary books, pencil/pen, and homework. Finally, the last point to beearned is for Effort. If you are doing what is expected of you and try, thenyou will earn this point. You will lose a point from PACE every time you do notmeet the standards of PACE. Believe me, I don’t expect you to be experts inscience. We are all unique and have strengths and weaknesses. I am a bigbasketball guy and could hold my own with anyone in a basketball discussion. Mybrother in law builds race cars for a living and I don’t know what he is talkingabout when he tells me what to do to fix my car. I just want an honest effortand a commitment to be respectful as we learn about science together. If you dowhat is expected, you earn your 4 points and at the end of the week I will addup those points and multiply by 5 since there are usually 5 days in a week.That number will be the participation grade for week #1 of that quarter. Wehave 9 weeks in a quarter and at the end of each week you will get a PACE orparticipation grade.