Dr. Craig Butler, D. Ed.
    Superintendent of Schools


    Hazleton Area School District



    Hazleton Area School District  


    Each student will be challenged in all his/her daily course of studies to their maximum potential and will possess the needed 21st Century academic and technical skills upon graduation, to be remediation free, as they enter college or the workforce.

    District Central Focus

     Excellence in Learning and High Quality Teaching for EVERY STUDENT.


    District Mission

    Hazleton Area School District will provide every student:

              With a challenging, rigorous, high quality standards based curricula that applies and adapts to each student's success in mastery learning.

              Will possess the needed skills on graduation to become lifelong learners and a deepen commitment to values and good citizenship.

              Will have a safe, orderly, respectful, nurturing, and supportive learning environment.

              Will possess the needed basic skills on graduation to be successful in the 21st Century workplace and be able to sustain a family supporting wage.
    District Goals

    Everyone shares in the accountability of student learning 

    • Improve student learning
    • Develop creative teaching strategies
    •  Develop collaborative scoring rubrics for student work
    • Develop common collaborative formative assessment strategies
    • Develop individualized personal instruction for each student