• School Owned Student Devices


    The Hazleton Area School District (HASD) will provide students a computer to use during the school year.  These devices are the property of the school district and must be returned to the school prior to the last day of school or immediately upon withdrawal should the student leave HASD.  Every effort will be taken to re-issue the student the same device when school resumes the following school year.


    The student will receive a Chromebook or Laptop computer, a power adaptor, and a carry bag.  The computer and power adaptor must travel together in the carry bag at all times.  Should there be any issue with the computer, report it to your school immediately. 


    The student and student’s guardian assume responsibility for the computer, power adaptor, and bag.  If the device or any of the provided items is lost or damaged, the student/Guardian will be required to pay for repair or replacement costs.  HASD does not provide insurance, but Guardians are free to obtain optional insurance.  HASD has worked with School Device Coverage (SDC), owned by U-PIC Insurance Services, to obtain a discounted rate for students attending HASD.


    Picking Up Your Device:


    • Device pickup will be coordinated by the student’s school and scheduled as devices are available. Your school will contact you to notify you of the date and time of pickup.


    • The student and guardian are required to sign the Hazleton Area Technology Use Agreement before a device will be issued to the student. A link to this agreement is below.  Please print it out, sign it, and bring it with you when coming to pick up your device.


    • If the student was issued a computer previously this school year, you must return that device when picking up the new device. You must return both the computer and power adaptor.


                Student Technology Use Agreement

                Policy 815 - Acceptable Use of Internet, Computers and Network Resources

                Policy 815.1 - Use of School Owned Laptop Computers

                Optional Device Insurance