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    Email: faddent@hasdk12.org
    Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext. 26500

    Grade (s): Beginning Band
    Advanced Band
    Woodwind, Brass and
    Percussion Lessons 4-8
    General Music
    Please have your child sign up for band this September! Here is a link to the forms. Please email me back the registration form or have your child bring just that form in to me. Thanks!
    Please have your Advanced Band member sign up for the Music In Our Schools Month Concert Band (grades 5-6) or Wind Ensemble (grades 7-8). I will be conducting the concert band and Mrs. Shafer from McAdoo-Kelayres will be conducting the wind ensemble. Register online here:
    Our Winter Concert will be Thursday December 14 at 10:30 in the Valley Gymnasium. The beginners are not involved in this one, but everyone else is! More details to follow. Please save the date!
    Parents: if you need an instrument for your child and did not attend the rental night at Valley on Thursday Sept. 21, you may scan this QR Code:
    Robert M. Sides Rental
    or fill out the rental contract online here:
    Lesson schedules and names of students will be updated each week as long as I remember to hit save. Check out the Lesson Schedule link in the left column on this page. Beginner lessons will start the week of September 25th! 
    I made a team for Advanced Band members. Please check MS Teams for band music, links to recordings, and other information.
    Band is starting up soon! Lessons for returning members will start the week of September 18. Advanced Band will start Thursday September 21 until 5:00.
    Here is the link to the Music In Our Schools Month Band Concert:
    Concert Wednesday at 10:30 AM in the Valley Gymnasium. In case we run out of programs (I'm printing 150) here is a link to the program:
    Here is a letter that was distributed today about the spring concert on May 24:
    Just a reminder that the spring band and chorus concert is Wednesday May 24 at 10:30 AM in the Valley Gymnasium. For Advanced Band members, please make sure your child is attending rehearsals after school. The schedule for rehearsals is below.
    Here is a link to the Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM) Band Concert:
    If that doesn't work here's the web address:
    I sent this home two weeks ago with all band members. Please note the changes for some of the band rehearsals:

    The spring concert will be held Wednesday, May 24 at 10:30 AM in the Valley Gymnasium. Because of the spring recess (Easter) and festivals I will be attending, the schedule for advanced band needs to be altered. I hope that you and your child can be flexible and attend as many of these rehearsals as possible since we lost many due to snow and Fridays off.


    Friday March 31 – 3:30 to 5:00 PM

    Thursday, April 6 (Holy Thursday) – 3:30 to 5:00 PM

    Friday, April 14 – 3:30 to 5:00 PM

    Wednesday, April 19 – 3:30 to 5:00 PM

    Friday, April 28 – 3:30 to 5:00 PM

    Thursday, May 4 – 3:30 to 5:00 PM

    Friday, May 12 – 3:30 to 5:00 PM

    Friday, May 19 – 3:30 to 5:00 PM

    Pizza Party with Drama and Chorus TBA

    Please register your child for Music In Our Schools Concert Band! Information was on the back of the program. It is coming home today if you were not at the concert. We have to order shirts so please register your child this weekend.
    Thank you to all the parents that attended the winter concert! Here is the link to the program in case you didn't receive one:
    On the reverse side of the program is the QR code and registration information for Music In Our Schools Month Band and Chorus programs happening in March. There are no paper registrations this year. Registration deadline is Jan. 20. Here is the QR code as well as the web address to register your child.
    Music In Our Schools Month Registration
    Beginning students should be practicing between 20 and 30 minutes a day. If you skip a day try to make up the time some day when you have more time. Everyone should be able to play the songs up to the end of page 7 at this point.
    Please make sure your child is practicing! Students in advanced band will be receiving the following letter about the winter concert on December 20 at 10:30 AM in the Valley Gymnasium.
    Beginning band students are using Essential Elements Interactive this year. The school code for students to enter when they register is ValleyElemBand30 
    It's not too late to sign up for band!

    Please go to the following website:

    Robert M. Sides Family Music Centers (rmsides.com)


    Or scan this QR Code:

    Qr codeDescription automatically generated


    This will take you to the Robert M. Sides website to rent an instrument. It will be delivered to the school. The deliveries usually come on Thursdays.

    Being a member of the band at Valley will be a rewarding experience that you’ll have with you for the rest of your life!

    Be A Part Of The Band with Mr. Fadden at Valley!

    Advanced Band will start today after school. I have been handing out permission slips all morning, but in case your child was absent (which then I left one on their desk) or they lose it, here's a link to the letter with tentative dates etc.:
    Welcome back everyone! For those returning band members, Advanced Band will start this Friday after school until 5:00. Pickup will be on the gym side of the school by my room after 5:00. Practices will be every Friday unless there is no school or if I am away at a band festival. Details and a permission slip will come home with students on Friday. Lessons will begin the following week and will be Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
    If your child is in 4th grade they are eligible to enroll in the instrumental music program at Valley. Forms for Robert M. Sides Family Music Center went home with students on Friday. Please complete the information and return to me as soon as possible. Robert M. Sides Instrument rental night is Thursday September 22 at 6:30 in the Valley Cafeteria. If you cannot attend that please go to the meeting the night before Wednesday September 21 at 6:30 in the Maple Manor Gym. If you cannot attend either please go to the Robert M. Sides website to rent an instrument and it will be delivered to the school:  
    All band students should have their instruments for Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Tuesday is our final rehearsal and Wednesday is the concert at 10:00 AM in the gym.
    All band members should bring their instrument Tuesday May 17 for band. We will practice Tuesday May 17 at 1:50 in preparation for the concert on May 25.
    Today was the first of three rehearsals with the beginning band. We will practice again next Tuesday during period 8 which starts around 1:50 PM and goes until about 2:30. Please make sure your children have their instruments and music. A letter about the concert may be found here:
    Congratulations to ALL Band Fest Participants! You make me and Valley proud!
    For Band Fest next Friday May 6, parents should drop off their children at Hazleton Area High School for 9:00 AM. Please enter through the Nanatorium Entrance rather than through the main entrance. No bus will be provided from Valley to the HS like there was for Music In Our Schools Month. Here is a link to the schedule for that day:
    If your child did not receive a letter regarding the Spring Concert on May 25 it may be found here:
    So PROUD of the Valley students and their performance at the Music In Our Schools Month Bands Concert on Tuesday!
    The Valley Spring Band Concert has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 25, at 10:00 AM in the gym. This should last no longer than an hour. A letter will be coming home soon. Students will be wearing black and white for this concert. In other words white top, black bottom, black shoes. Please save the date!
    Middle school band members should practice the following music for Advanced Band during the synchronous day Friday 2/25/2022: Anasazi, Eye of the Tiger and North Winds. If you do not have them I will post them to your team.
    I have invited all of the Advanced Band members and select other students to be a part of the Music In Our Schools Month 5-6 Band (or 7-8 Band for those few middle school students). Please return those forms to me next week so we can get a better idea of chairs and stands needed for the day of rehearsal on March 29. I know I got information out late but illness and such has gotten in the way of many things this year. Information is below. Thank you!
    The link below may not work for the Advanced Band permission slip. If not please try this link for the Advanced Band permission slip:
    Advanced Band will start on January 6 after school until 5:00. Permission slips went home yesterday for most students. Please print one out here if your child was not at their lesson or in school:
    The Music in Our Schools Month Celebration provides band and chorus students an opportunity to rehearse and perform under the direction of HASD conductors and meet other top student musicians from throughout the district schools, grades 4-8. There will be two Choruses and two Bands at each festival: grades 4-6 and grades 7-8. The MIOSM Celebration will take place on two separate days: Thursday, March 17, 2022, for Chorus students and Tuesday, March 29, 2022, for Band students. Students will be excused and transported by bus from their schools for each celebration. Each festival will conclude with a concert at 7 pm, open to the public. Transportation will be provided to Hazleton Area High School from each of the schools.
    Students will enter the front of HAHS and be directed to the auditorium and then their rehearsal rooms. All participating students must be picked up at HAHS after the concerts that start at 7pm. If you are unable to attend the concert, please arrange transportation with another participating student/family. Meals, snacks, and water will be provided for students at the festival. Students will be provided a district bagged lunch and dinner will be held before the concerts. Students are allowed to bring their own snacks, lunch, and/or dinner based on dietary restrictions. Student concert dress is black pants or black dress, black dress shoes, black socks, and a white dress shirt/blouse. Students can wear their concert attire for the whole day or they can change at the time provided in the schedule
    Please complete the registration form online or return a paper copy to Mr. Fadden by January 14, 2022.
    Please click on this link for information about the Music in Our Schools Month Band and Chorus:
    Here is a paper form for you to print and hand it to me in case your child forgot it. Please return asap.
    The success to practice is not a whole lot of practicing at once. It is meaningful practice over a long period of time. That's why I recommend the following practice routine. 20-30 minutes a day with practicing each exercise in the book 5x. The first time should be saying the note names and fingering (or positioning along) on the instrument. For brass players, saying the valve combinations one time through would be helpful as well (open, 2, 1, 1 and 2, 1 and 3, etc.). Making sure fingers are in correct positions is crucial during this time. Most students instruments are marked accordingly with stickers. On valved instruments the first valve is always closest to the mouthpiece. This is homework and should be treated as such. Set aside a designated time to practice, whether it be when your child gets home from school, before dinner, after dinner, etc. A 30 minute practice session may be broken up into two 15 minute sessions as well. 
    If your child has not started instrumental lessons it is still not too late! Please come to room 208 on Tuesday night during Meet The Teacher night for more information or email me at faddent@hasdk12.org
    If your child has not shown up for lessons, please remind them of their lesson day. Beginners are on Tuesdays with the exception of bells. All other elementary students plus bell players are Wednesdays. All middle school students are Fridays.
    Beginning band members did a great job today! Many personal instruments of mine as well as school owned instruments went home as TEMPORARY loaners today until your ordered instrument comes in from Robert M. Sides. Please scan the QR Code below or go to this site To rent an instrument online:
    Lessons will start tomorrow Tuesday September 28. Anyone that started last year should come tomorrow as well as I stated on the announcements this afternoon. The "super beginners" may be repositioned into the Wednesday lesson groups if they have advanced significantly over the summer. The lesson schedule is posted on the Lesson Schedule link on the left side of the page. A group listing will be added once things are more exact.
    If you have not obtained an instrument from Robert M. Sides, please follow the link below or scan the QR code to take you to the website to fill out the rental contract for a QUALITY instrument. Do not buy an instrument until you are sure your child is a good fit for their instrument and they like it. Otherwise you are wasting your money on something that will not hold the resale value. I can think of two instruments last year that were purchased when people started. One is switching to another instrument and the other instrument was damaged beyond repair.
    Do not buy an instrument from a company that you can buy toilet paper from...buy it from a REPUTABLE music store like Robert M. Sides Family Music Center which has been in business for over 80 years. If you would like help finding a QUALITY used instrument, please email me at faddent@hasdk12.org and I will gladly help you once we know that the instrument is a good fit for your child.
    Please also let me know if there is a financial hardship case and I may have a school owned instrument that your child may borrow for the year. I have trumpets, french horns, trombones, baritones, and a tuba or two that I could lend out for the year. You would just have to purchase a book which is $10 payable in cash or check to Robert M. Sides Family Music Center.
    Our representative visits the school on Thursdays so please have your child bring in any payments  for supplies or a book on Thursdays.
    Robert M. Sides Instrument rental night is Thursday September 23 at 6:30 in the Valley Cafeteria. If you cannot attend that please go to the meeting the night before Wednesday September 22 at 6:30 in the Maple Manor Gym. If you cannot attend either please use THIS QR CODE since the one on the flyer is invalid:
    Robert M. Sides Online Rental QR Code
    or follow this link:
    Instrumental lessons will start for returning band members the week of September 20. Lessons for beginning band members will start the week of September 27. Students in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are eligible to participate in band lesson this year. Please see the document below and return the last page to me via email or have your child bring it to me or Miss Moyer. This will be distributed to grades 4. 5 and 6 this week:
    Have a great summer! Thank you to all my band members that participated this year. Anyone who wants to return to lessons in September is welcome to come back! Stay safe and see you then!
    Ferrwood Music Camp 2021 Flyer is here! Please click below for more details:
    There are a limited number of scholarships available this year for Camp Ferrwood. Instrumental students who consistently attended lessons this year with Mr. Fadden should contact Mr. Fadden as soon as possible if they are interested.
    If you are interested in attending Camp Ferrwood, please follow this link for more details and application procedure:
    Band forms have been tricking in and it is still not too late to join the band! I have some personal and school owned instruments to get your child started as soon as possible until you are able to receive the rental instrument from Robert M. Sides. If they are my personal instruments, please understand that this is a temporary loan for a week or so until yours comes in. The only instruments that are typically loaned out from the school on a more permanent basis are instruments that are very expensive to rent or not rentable (tubas, tenor saxophones, french horns, euphoniums). Please let me know if there is a special financial circumstance that would prevent you from renting an instrument for the introductory period of two months with Robert M. Sides. http://www.rmsides.com is their web address. Thank you for understanding.
    It's not too late to start band this year! Please return the band forms to Mr. Fadden in school next week or email a picture of them to faddent@hasdk12.org this weekend! Also be sure to fill out the rental contract from our district approved vendor Robert M. Sides at http://www.rmsides.com for the instruments with the best reputation and best value!
    Lessons for middle school and elementary band members will start on Monday. Please have your instruments on the appropriate day!
    Jazz Day is tomorrow! Here's the link for those that were selected to participate:
    In case you are having issues with the form to sign up for band, it's not too late. We will start when students are back in person. Here's a link to the page it's the first form:
    Lessons and classes will resume this week starting Tuesday January 19.
    Here is the coloring page for Miss Smith on the Euphonium:

    The OFFICIAL Valley Band Information Form may be found here:
    or in Band Forms and Documents.
    Rent your quaility beginning instrument now from Robert M. Sides completely online with safe delivery to the school at:
    Robert M. Sides is the district approved vendor for rental of all band instruments. All instruments are quality new, like new, or used instruments approved by the music teachers of the district. Don't be stuck with an instrument purchased online that will break easily due to poor construction. Repair technicians will not guarantee the work done to them. Then you get stuck trying to sell it to recoup some of your cost. If you would like to discuss alternate sources, please rent an instrument first and then let me help you find one. Please contact me at faddent@hasdk12.org with questions and for details. Thank you.
    Here's a fun video of boys and girls of all ages playing the trumpet for Halloween 2020. Thriller, Ghostbusters and Don't Stop the Rock by about 46 trumpet players!
    Studies reveal that children that play a musical instrument have better memory and attention span...
    As in the past, I want to reach out to parents about purchasing used instruments. Due to the pandemic, you may have had to return your instrument to Robert M. Sides. I completely understand that decisions had to be made regarding what was best for your family. Robert M. Sides will start a new contract for you and deliver the instrument to the school or possibly to your home. If that is still not an option, I have several used instruments mostly clarinets that I acquired during the Summer 2019 that are in excellent playing condition that may be purchased for the cost of about 2-3 months rental. Please contact me if you are interested. I would rather not see you spend money on an internet instrument that will break beyond repair.
    There are also several school instruments available such as trumpets, french horns, trombones, and baritones. The only thing you would be responsible for is possibly a mouthpiece, stand, care kit and book (and of course if any damage was made to the instrument). Please contact me about one of those if interested. Thank you!
    Third grade parents...here is a link to the more note names quiz. You must download it to your device to allow it to be fillable and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader:
    I have posted demonstration videos for woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments on YouTube. Also, if you are unsure which instrument is right for your child I have made a video demonstrating of the Jupiter Wind Instrument Try-Out Kit that I have purchased through Robert M. Sides Family Music Center. Please contact me if you would like to try that out. Here are links to all the rough cuts of the videos on YouTube:
    Lesson groups are done and may be found in the Lesson Schedule section on the left side of the screen. A lesson schedule with lesson groups will be completed this weekend. We will start lessons soon with returning members!
    Here is a link to the recorder book for 3rd grade:
    Here is a Media Release Form for all Parents/Guardians of Band Members to fill out on Google Forms:
    Here is a registration form for NEW Band Students:
    For new students wishing to start instrumental lessons in grades 4 through 6, here is the rental flyer for Robert M. Sides. All rentals will be done online this year. There will be no in person rental meetings due to COVID-19:
    Here is a form for students that may be borrowing a school owned instrument (such as french horn, trombone, baritone, euphonium, or tuba with approval from Mr. Fadden):
    Here is a brief video from the President and co-owner of Robert M. Sides about their easy to own program:
    Here is a link to COVID-19 protocols that Robert M. Sides has put in place to protect you and your children:
    Robert M. Sides is also selling Play-It-Safe Kits. The CARES Act has provided funding for just bell covers and flute air deflectors for all our students. Those have been ordered taken into account the typical number of beginners. Based on prices elsewhere, the company is selling these items at or near their cost:
    For students trying to access MusicplayOnline.com here is a link to some login directions that popped up today when I logged in:
    For recorder information please click here:
    Here is a link to the Lyons three piece recorder that comes in multiple colors if you would want to buy one for yourself. You are not required to do this as one will be provided for you in January when we start, but you may do so if you wish:
    And here is a link to the recorder book we will be using. You do not need to print it out at home. You can just view it on your screen unless you choose to print it out, for example one page at a time. I have the reproducible version here:
    Thanks to all Mrs. Sharkey's students today for helping Mr. Fadden get through the first class. Hopefully using the web browser version of MS Teams will solve the audio issue. Here's a link to the Musicplay website:


    And for third grade students here's a link to Musicplay for your classes:
    Please let me know if these don't work for you!
    Hi everyone! Welcome back!  I spent all weekend getting the general music classes set up as well as an "Elementary Band" and "Middle School Band" in MS Teams. My room was not finished when I left on Thursday. There were still not ceiling tiles in place yet from the violent windstorm in March. So my room is just a big pile of stuff. I plan on constructing lesson groups this week that may be similar to last year's groupings. 4th grade students interested in starting this year hang tight. The scheduled in person rental meetings have obviously been cancelled and everything will be online. Everything will be posted here for you to access as well as links to Robert M. Sides for online rentals that will be delivered to the school. Please do not buy any instrument online without checking with me first. I do not want you buying a used instrument that is in poor working order or a new one that will break easily becasuse it is made of poor materials. There are some brands emerging online that are promising. All beginning students will be required to have the Sound Innovations Book 1 for their instrument as well as some other instrument appropriate items like a music stand amd care kit. Students going into middle school should have the Sound Innovations Book 2 for their instrument. You may call Robert M. Sides and purchase the book which will be delivered to the school. Or you may purchase the book wherever else. Please just make sure you are ordering the right one. If you found what you think is the right book or need help finding it, please email me and I will steer you in the right direction. Anyone that still has their recorder because they dod not return it last year...please get those back so I can inventory and determine our needs for the current 3rd graders.
    3rd graders here's one last play along video with Starlight as the quiz at the end. Don't worry if you don't get to do it by the end of the week since today is the last day we are to post new assignments. Hopefully everyone is safe and your families are well. Have a great summer!!!:
    2nd graders here are two last videos for the maracas and the bongos. The coloring pages will be posted on Class Dojo. Post your coloring! I'm having some trouble posting the audio files so I may upload them to YouTube:

    Have a great summer!
    Band members...I have put up a printable certificate for you in Band Forms and Documents. Just add your name and print! Click on the words "Band Certificate 2020" to view and download:
    2nd grade students...Watch this video that Michele and I put together:
    Mr. Fadden's Tambourine Video
    and download the coloring page in Band Forms and Documents here 
    Band Forms and Documents (and Gr. 2 and 3)
    Listen to the two clips and post to Class Dojo which you like the best! A YouTube playlist will be made available later. Post your coloring page as well!
    3rd grade students...Here's a fun old movie from 1957 called Mr. B Natural by Conn Musical Instruments.
    This is the band recruitment video that I watched when I was in third or fourth grade to help me decide which instrument was interesting to me. After you watch the movie, post in the comments on Class Dojo the name of the boy in the video and what instrument does he choose to play!
    3rd grade parents and students that are planning on going to school on Tuesday for their belongings may drop off their recorders as well. Koury will have a box to put those in separately for textbooks. Students should wash out the recorder before returning it. Also, please put your name on a post it note or similar and place that inside the zippered bag with the recorder. Thank you.
    Band members remember to use Mr. Forte's page for practice and for online recorded lessons.
    Second grade your instrument of the week is the gong! My wife and I put together this week's video just like last week. Here is the YouTube Link:
    Here is a playlist to different gongs. Some are mentioned on the coloring page:
    The coloring page and sound file Going Going Gong!!! are located in the Band Forms and Documents portion of the website:
    Please remember to click on the title words to download the file.
    5/19/2020 UPDATED
    Third grade students will be playing recorder in the same manner this week, adding the next song as a quiz at the end. Here is a link to the play along video on YouTube:
    https://youtu.be/OvIGa_5LHME (This is the new video)
    Practice all the known songs as a warmup. Then practice the new song as much as necessary in order to play it for your parents for a quiz. You may do so with the video or by yourself unaccompanied like you would have done for a test in music class for me. Parents please post on Class Dojo once your child has practiced all the songs as a warmup and performed the quiz on the song successfully for you. They may play it slower if necessary but they should not rush through it. If they would like to record it for me they may do that as well. Older videos are posted in the Band Forms and Documents to practice individual songs but this video has the music up with me playing off to the side for help. Thank you for your support and cooperation!
    Second Grade there will be two activities this week. The first one is a repeat of sorts. I want you to listen to the book Charlie Parker Played Be Bop read by Richard Allen and comments by author Chris Raschka. Maybe the first activity from April will make more sense to you. There is a PDF of the book as well you just have to rotate it clockwise to view properly. Everything is in the subcategory link to the left towards the bottom. You can download the tracks separately or in a podcast format which is a separate category. All are mp3 format.
    Here is a playlist for the second grade from YouTube of some different types of cymbal sounds. The first on the list is a tour of the Zildjian factory. The rest are relatively short.
    One of the second graders requested that I play Imperial March on trumpet after not having played since we left school. My neighbors are close and I couldn't get in the room after the storm. Here it is!

    Band members here's a message to you since our spring concert would have been tomorrow. Spread the word to other band members to check it out.

    Since most camps will be cancelled, if you and your parents are interested in summer lessons there are several teachers that will be great to take lessons from for the next few months!
    Mrs. Schafer from McAdoo Keylares shaferj02@hasdk12.org
    Ms. Cheung cheungd@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Hofmann from West Hazleton hofmannj@hasdk12.org
    Ms. Frye from Heights fryej@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Forte from Drums and Freeland forten@hasdk12.org
    Ms. Gerhard from Heights, Maple Manor and West Hazleton gerhardj@hasdk12.org
    Please let me know if your instruments are in need of repair. I can help you arrange that with either:
    Robert M. Sides in Throop
    our rep is Carolyn
    cprice@rmsides.com 570-419-6836
    or DeLucas Music in Plains

    Second grade students...sorry I forgot to post the link to the video I made with my wife on the cymbals! Here is the YouTube link:
    5/14/2020 REVISED
    3rd grade parents. If you are in the need of a replacement recorder I recommend this one. It is cheap and equal to the quality of the one your child has for class:
    This one is preferred by music teachers and they come in ivory or brown.
    If you are in the need of a recorder, Musician's Friend is your best bet for now. They are a very large company and buy these things by the thousands so they just eat the shipping costs on things like this. Your child may complete the assignment when the recorder arrives at your house.
    Second graders may be interested in watching How It's Made for some instruments. We do that in class usually when we are coloring to align with the PA state initiative to talk about careers. Here are two for piano and one for metal snare drums as well as one for drumheads and drumsticks. Each is about 5 minutes long. Some may be longer if the process is more involved:

    If your child forgot their recorder in school that's unfortunate. They are supposed to stay in their backpacks but I understand that things happen. Please order another from Amazon. Here’s a link to the one that they had in class. And then the assignment can be completed once it comes in. The site says for prime members if ordered now that it will be shipped and received by Saturday.

    Angel 101 Soprano Recorder, Key of C, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002D15JU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_Qu.UEbJWWPM0K
    Or another alternative may be a flutophone an older sibling has around when Ms. Widis was teaching. While there may be cheaper ones, the dollar store ones don't work. Or the shipping time is longer. Or the shipping costs are ridiculous. If I find any alternatives I will post them. I'm working on it as we speak but I have to wait until it actually comes in to let you know.

    Third grade students...follow this link to the first new recorder video:
    So the procedure for each of these videos each week will be to practice all the known songs as a warmup. Then practice the new song as much as necessary in order to play it for your parents for a quiz. You may do so with the video or by yourself unaccompanied like you would have done for a test in music class for me. The first quiz is on the G and A Blues. Parents please post on Class Dojo once your child has practiced all the songs as a warmup and performed the quiz on the song successfully for you. They may play it slower if necessary but they should not rush through it. If they would like to record it for me they may do that as well. Older videos are posted in the Band Forms and Documents to practice individual songs but this video has the music up with me playing off to the side for help. Thank you for your support and cooperation!
    Most teachers live in a paper world, but in this time that we live in we are dealing with lots of stuff. One is technology not working. Music teachers like me live in a very paper oriented world. Here's a couple of options:
    If it's out of ink, Amazon Prime is shipping stuff pretty quickly. My mother's laptop battery would not hold a charge. I ordered one Sunday afternoon and it showed up yesterday (Monday) afternoon at her door at 1:00 PM.
    If it's a connectivity issue with a wireless printer, try hooking it up with a USB cable directly. Or reinstall the drivers with a new downloaded set of drivers from the company's website or the original cd you got with the printer. I have to do that every so often. We got a new cable modem/router from Service Electric and all the printers wouldn't work. So I think I got them all working now. Sometimes Brother printers for example go into a Deep Sleep. Unplug it from the wall wait 5 seconds and plug it back in. That's a good thing to do for any technology once in a while. They are all basically computers and need to be restarted.
    If you're afraid of technology, the kids can still do their coloring work. Here's three options. The first two are simple:
    1. Draw the animal freehand and color it. Someone did this with the Peter and the Wolf puppets and they looked great!
    2. Trace the animal off the screen onto another piece of paper.
    3. Open the PDF in MS Paint or a similar program. Then color it in that program and save it! Then you can send it to me or take a screenshot of your final work of art!
    Basically you take a screenshot of the pdf and then open it with Paint. Here's the website where I found that information for Windows:

    The detailed tutorial on opening PDF in Paint:

    • 1. Open PDF File:
      In order to open the required PDF file in paint, first open the file in the PDF viewer. Once the file is opened, navigate to the page that you want to edit in Microsoft Paint.
    • 2. Take a Screenshot in PDF:
      Now, hit the Prt-Scr Key on your keyboard, this key is normally present right next to the F12 or "Insert" button on the keyboard. This will basically capture the whole screen and copy the screenshot to the clipboard which can be pasted in any other program.
    • 3. Open PDF Screenshot in MS Paint:
      Finally, Launch Microsoft Paint on your windows computer and click on the "Edit" button on the top and select "Paste", you can also use the "Ctrl + V" shortcut to paste the image in paint. After making required changes to the PDF file, you can save the image using the "Ctrl + S" command from your Keyboard.
    And here's a video of me doing that and then digitaly coloring:
    5/11/2020 (corrected with video link)
    Second grade students...here is the video for the next percussion instrument called the cymbals.
    The Seal on the Cymbals coloring and information page may be found in Band Forms and Documents or by clicking below. There will also be links added there for the audio tracks and videos used and other neat ones to watch when you are coloring. Post your finished picture on Class Dojo!
    Band members please use Mr. Forte's Instrumental Music page for online recorded lessons.
    A parent asked if I could do a video of the Imperial March lesson. It will be in 2 different parts:
    Just follow along and do what I do. I think I counted the repeats too slow at the top of the second page. However, what I played was what was on the page.
    Then leave your comments on Class Dojo. If you find other versions on YouTube of other orchestras or bands share those as well. There are probably hundreds of videos of the Imperial March by different groups. Look up some other music by John Williams. What's your favorite? Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones' theme, ET, Jaws, Jurassic Park? Make this a fun activity!

    5/6/2020 updated
    Parents...when downloading files from the "Band Forms and Documents" portion of the website, please do not click on the up arrow and capital A to download items. This A is for alternative formats to download so it will mess up the PDF file margins and print things out all wacky. Please always print on the title to the upload, such as "Peter and the Wolf Puppets repost".
    Okay one more try with the Peter and the Wolf Puppets. Please click on this link:
    Happy Star Wars Day! Most students know that I am a big fan of Star Wars. So here's a fun activity that both 2nd and 3rd grade can do as I'm watching The Empire Strikes Back on TBS.
    Download and view the following Listening Guide. You don't need to print it out necessarily.
    Listen to the Imperial March on YouTube here:
    Follow along and clap the rhythm on page 5 when you hear it. File:Star Wars The March of the Empire.png
    Then download and view this "play along" file:
    Students can play along on whatever you have handy...body percussion, pool noodles, old paper towel tubes or wrapping paper tubes make good lightsabers.
    3rd grade students can play along on their recorders. On page 3 and all of the "A" section for the second and third line you can play the rhythm on G. When you get to the "B" Section on page 4 switch to the note A and play the rhythm on the page. When you return to the "A" section switch back to the note G and play the rhythm on the page.
    One more activity. This is an easy one. No paper involved. Listen to this version of "Glory To The Empire" on YouTube:
    This is the Imperial March but in a different key. The Imperial March is in a Minor Key. Glory to the Empire is in a major key. Generally, major keys are meant to sound "happy" and minor keys are meant to sound "sad" or feel differently. After listening to Glory of the Empire, ask yourself "Did that make me feel differently than the Imperial March?"
    Post your comments on the activity on Class Dojo. This activity will be in the Portfolio section as well as the rest of the activities that I have posted for the last several weeks. You should be able to find your music classes easily now. The are called for example "Miss Carsia's Music Class with Mr. Fadden" and the rest just use your class teacher's name or homeroom teacher's name. Have fun! May the Force be with you!
    It seems that some 2nd and 3rd grade students were having trouble finding my assigned enrichment activities on Class Dojo. Please check the PORTFOLIO portion and all my assignments should be there rather than the CLASS STORY. I believe that most of the classroom teachers are posting their activities on the Class Story. This is my first time using that website, so there's a learning curve with everything! Please also check here for updates.
    Mr. Forte has generously shared the videos and activities that he and Miss Gerhard have made since we have been closed. Please visit his website for enrichment and new instrumental materials here:
    4th Grade Band members (and even 5th and 6th Grade band members) please go to Dr. Scott Watson's YouTube site, download the warmup page for your instrument from his Google drive and play along!
    Middle School Band Students and younger more advanced students may also go to Dr. Watson's webpage and use the 2nd year Warmups. There is lots of great material there!!!:
    And here's the Youtube link to play along as well:
    The band room at Valley received some damage from the windstorm and rain that followed, but no instruments were damaged...just some of the carpets and most of my posters needed to be thrown away. I hope to have some more instrumental materials available in the near future since I finally was able to retrieve instruments and Sound Innovations Books when it was safe.
    Band students should be working from their books and taking advantage of the Sound Innovations Online resources available at:
    Book 1 users:
    For example the flute book 1 is 34527, oboe is 34528, bassoon is 34529, clarinet is 34530, alto clarinet is 34531, bass clarinet is 34532, alto sax is 34533, tenor sax is 34534, baritone sax is 34535, trumpet book 1 is 34536, french horn is 34537, trombone is 34538, baritone bass clef is 34539, baritone treble clef is 34540, tuba is 34541, electric bass is 34542, snare drum and battery percussion is 34543, bells and mallet percussion is 34544, combined percussion (snare and bells) is 34545.  
    If your child lost their book or left it at school there are a number of options available. You may buy a physical copy off of Sheet Music Plus, eBay or Amazon, you may buy a digital copy for Kindle from Amazon, or you may buy a digital copy from Apple Books. For example here is a link to the book 1 for trumpet on Apple Books:
    Here is a link to eBay:
    Here is a link to Sheet Music Plus:
    Amazon does not currently have any of the actual physical trumpet books in stock but may have others.
    Ultimately if your child lost their book, send me the link via email to faddent@hasdk12.org before you order and I'll double check it.
    After you register your book with the five digit number above the bar code on the back of your book, you will have access to playalong tracks and online content designed for your book. If you are a younger student and need more guidance, please use YouTube as a resource. There are many fantastic players and teachers that are in the same situation as us and have already made videos to help with getting better on your instrument. The teacher's channel that I recommend starting with is Dr. Selfridge. He is the technology coordinator for the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association. Here is a link to his channel:
    Start there and explore other links associated with your instrument.
    If I type in "trumpet sound innovations" the Sound Innovations masterclasses will show up as well as people playing different songs from the book.
    If I type in "trumpet high notes" into the YouTube search engine, lots of educational videos show up as well as trumpet players both showing their expertise as well as "showing off".
    Here is a link to the 3rd grade recorder book:
    3rd grade students...if you need a recorder because you lost yours here is a link to the same model on Amazon. You are responsible for replacement with the same model:
    For 2nd grade there is a new coloring and listening activity Doggy on the Drum under Band Forms and Documents.
    Click here:
    Here's the 3rd grade play along for Starlight:

    3rd grade play along to Hot Cross Buns. Remember to play the melody again once you get to the 5th and 6th line or sing hot cross buns:

    3rd grade play along to G and A Blues, Side Step and Au Clair de la lune:

    3rd grade students here is a link to the play along video I made for the A and B Blues and Just G. Practice along with me!
    and here's the first one Just B and Just A

    Keep practicing your songs! This is for 2nd and 3rd grade but band students can enjoy as well! Please go to the address above and try a few different activities. Post in Class Dojo which one was your favorite and explain why (don’t just post “Done”). Works best with Google Chrome browser. This link should work:

    I recorded Just B and Just A again on my iPad and uploaded it to YouTube to a private channel. You can only view the video with the link below:

    I am going to attempt to make play along videos for the recorder book. They may all be a little different because I am using different methods to see which way works best. Here is the video for Just B and Just A which is about 13 MB. It may play a little shakey but is not like that when I play it off my computer:
    The Penguin on the Piano coloring page is up in the Band Forms and Documents section of my website. Print out and read with your parents about the piano. Then color the picture while you listen to some piano music. Here's a link to some relaxing Disney music to listen to while you color:
    There is a new fun activity in the Band Forms and Documents section of my website. Along with the PDF file there is a link with a different version of Peter and the Wolf narrated by the famous horror movie actor Boris Karloff. He also narrated the classic version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
    For more fun activities please go to Ms. Cheung's pages here:
    Band members click on the link below for help accessing exclusive Sound Innovations SI Online materials:
    Here's a fun activity for both 2nd and 3rd grade. April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Some 3rd graders may have been read the storybook "Charlie Parker Played Bebop" by Chris Raschka last year. The way I do it is read the story in a straight voice, then play a cd with a regular reading by a jazz poet, then he reads it to go along with a piece of music called A Night In Tunisia which is what the author had in mind when he wrote the book. If we come back this year I will share those with you. Please view these two dramatic reading on Youtube and enjoy! Post your comments on ClassDojo! Jazz band kids should watch these too!
    Recorder mp3s for the first 12 songs to play along will be available in the Band Forms and Documents for the 3rd graders.
    New instrument for the week for grade 2: Penguin on the Piano is our first percussion instrument. Some people call it a string instrument, but you strike the strings with hammers when you press a key on the keyboard! The coloring page is in the Band Forms and Documents.

    Today would have been a day of beginning lessons and both elementary and middle school band classes.
    Drummers go to the Vic Firth site and watch videos pertaining to long rolls, 5 stroke rolls, 9 stroke rolls, 17 stroke rolls, and diddle and flam based rudiments. Also feel free to check out other videos and resources there:
    Beginning lesson groups should be practicing pages 13-14 in your book. That's about where most of you are in the book. Percussion are much further. Also, please play through your band pieces with the recordings I have in the Links to Band Music on the left side of the page.
    Middle school band lessons would have been yesterday. In your books review all pages through page 10. These are based on scales like the ones in the link below. Also, please play through your band pieces with the recordings I have in the Links to Band Music on the left side of the page.
    Elementary band students should review p. 17 and work on pp. 18-19. Also, please play through your band pieces with the recordings I have in the Links to Band Music on the left side of the page.
    Use the materials online available from the publisher to help. All you have to do is enter your 5 digit book number located on the lower left on the back of your book. For example the flute book is 34527, oboe is 34528, bassoon is 34529, clarinet book 1 number is 34530 and the rest ascend numerically from there. Book 2 flute is 34549 and ascend numerically from there.
    This website has LOTS of links that are musical in nature. Please click on the link and see!

    3/30/2020 UPDATED
    Parents and guardians of students in grades 2 and 3...please check the Skyward Online Learning Center to see enrichment activities for my music classes. I am attempting to use Class Dojo at some point as well once I understand how it works. Putting up activities in Skyward was very easy to do for me and I hope that it will be as easy for you to access. I have posted the activities in Class Dojo as well as of 11:30 am. Hopefully it works! Here are some links:
    As posted below, students should keep practicing between 20 and 30 minutes a day. Grade 2 has their songs to sing, grade 3 has their recorder songs to practice, and band students have lesson book material and band music to practice. Most material for grades 2 and 3 may be found in the Band Forms and Documents portion on my website. Band students have mp3 tracks available in the Band Listening Library portion of the site. Students may also access online materials for sound innovations books 1 and 2 here:

    I am also attempting to set up Smartmusic Intelligent Accompaniment which includes the lesson books (and possibly some of the band music) practicing accessibility for band students. It has been made available for free by MakeMusic until the end of June. Check back later for more details. There is a link below that you may try from our Sides rep.
    Major scales are the foundation of most band pieces. This teacher in SC made this file for their band. Print out the page for your instrument and be proficient in these most common scales:
    In addition to my older links on the left side of the page, our Robert M. Sides educational representative in Throop has sent me some links to additional resources. Thanks to Carolyn from Robert M. Sides for sharing this list of musical things to stay engaged! If you need anything for a while please contact her at 570-383-3772 ext. 310 or cell 5704196836 or email her at


    A coworker of mine has compiled a list of great resources for parents/students to keep them engaged. Thought I would pass it along for you to share with your parents/students, amidst this situation, if you have the ability to.

    https://www.unlv.edu/music/instrument-hygiene(good guide on how to clean instruments)

    https://napbirt.org/page/InstrumentCleanliness(another cleaning resource)

    https://www.smartmusic.com/ (free trial and Sound Innovations practice)

    https://www.musicfirst.com/applications/practicefirst/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwx7zzBRCcARIsABPRscPfcZX9aqMoDVzaqqiagueTQnE25XvAEb8flsMrjjydu0kRoLVkzKEaAmiSEALw_wcB (free trial)









    https://sites.google.com/site/k12musicresources/ (just a TON of links on this site!!)

    https://www.musiciansway.com/for-instrumentalists/(great for individual instrumentalists!)

    https://www.blanksheetmusic.net/ (for writing your own music – printout staff paper) 

    Band students should be practicing the following music:
    Jazz Ensemble:
    Domino, Centerpiece, 25 or 6 to 4, Paper Jam
    Beginning and Elementary Band:
    Belwin Very Beginning Band Kit No. 5, Let's Go Band, Aunt Rhodie's Appetite
    Elementary Band:
    Stratford March, Star Wars, T-Rex, More Cowbell
    Middle School Band:
    Hooked On A Feeling, Sesame Street Theme, In The Hall Of The Mountain King, Star Light, Apache

    Everyone should also use their Sound Innovations Book 1 and 2 for fingering help. Keep practicing in the book as well!
    3rd grade recorder book for practicing for their program may be found here:
    2nd grade songs and lyrics for their program may be found here:
    I have a funeral to attend on Friday March 6, so there will not be jazz ensemble after school. We will rehearse next Friday March 14 until 5:00 PM. Students involved in track and field are only excused if there is a meet.
    Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal Friday 2/21 until 5:00 PM. With the early dismissal we lost some valuable rehearsal time. Please make sure your child is at rehearsal.
    3rd grade general music exam on "A and B Blues" on 2/27.
    Band spring concert date is being discussed. I hope to have it the week of May 11th, either on Wednesday 5/13 or Thursday 5/14. I will let students know as soon as possible.
    The first third grade playing exam for recorder will be January 30 on "Just B". The method book may be viewed here:
    New Spring Concert Music has gone home with students. Elementary Band, Middle School Band and Jazz Ensemble demonstration tracks are posted under the Listening Library Links to Band Music. Beginning Band Music is soon to come!
    Concert Friday at 10:00 am in the Valley Gymnasium. This concert should not last more than 30 minutes.
    Paper registration forms for Music In Our Schools Month Concert Band/Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble can be found here:
    More information about this wonderful opportunity may be found here:
    Please return these paper forms by Friday December 13 if at all possible. Thank you.
    The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time for your child to play some songs and entertain the family. I had to do it for my family when I was in 4th grade!. Rather than arguing about whether to watch reruns of Christmas Story or the football game, ask your child to play you a song from their book. The positive reinforcement they will get from all the cheering relatives will make them want to practice more! 
    Here is a link for trombone players to help with bass clef note reading:
    There seems to be confusion every year, but beginning band members will not perform in the December concert. They simply do not know enough to play an entire concert at this point. Their first performance will be in May. Tentatively, the concert is scheduled for Friday, May 15 at 10:00 AM. I am waiting to hear from some dance students to find out when their competitions are being held.
    There will still be all band rehearsals and lessons Monday and Tuesday for band students. 
    Everyone should have received a letter about the concert this week during band. If not please look for a copy in the band forms and documents portion of the website.
    There will always be lessons on days that have a 2 hour delay. Usually band rehearsals will be cancelled on those days unless we are close to a performance.
    There are lessons today. We will follow the two hour delay schedule. However there will be no middle school band, and elementary band will meet to go over the letter about the winter concert which is scheduled for Friday, December 13 at 10 am in the gym.
    The 3rd grade will have a test on Staff Wars next week on 7/14 and 7/15 if necessary.
    They will also have a written quiz on note names. Here is a study guide for the Mad Minute Quiz:
    The 3rd Grade Recorder Method Book that we will be using for class this year can be found here:
    You can either view these pages of the book on the screen of your device or print out the pages individually!
    YouTube Playlists for Beginning Band Members
    Dr. Selfridge
    Dr. Selfridge
    Alto Saxophone
    Dr. Selfridge
    Better Sax Jay Metcalf
    Dr. Selfridge
    Mr. Glynn
    Snare Drum
    Dr. Selfridge
    Vic Firth Playlisty for Beginning Drummers and all Percussionists
    For mobile devices Staff Wars cost 99 cents plus tax. You can find it in the App Store or the Google Play store.
    But if you have a PC or MAC you can download either for FREE. Staff Wars is the one you want to download for the 3rd grade. Staff Wars you enter the note names with the keyboard.
    Staff Wars Live is also 99 cents plus tax. For this you use your instrument and play the notes. For Staff Wars Live you must have a microphone built in to your laptop or an external one probably if you have a desktop PC. Here is the link to download those versions for free:
    Beginning lessons are tough. And when the groups are big like the clarinets and saxophones, the more reinforcement that can be done at home the better. The saxophonists are lucky because I know of more sax material available than anything else. Here's a beginner sax lesson from Jay Metcalf, a former educator that lives in France. He will have several:

    3rd grade test on Thursday October 10. Here's a link to the study guide each of your children received in class:
    https://www.hasdk12.org/cms/lib/PA01001366/Centricity/Domain/579/Note and Rest Duration Chart.pdf

    Music is a test of patience and tenacity.

    I’d be lying if I told you that I’ve never had this conversation with a parent:

    “My child enjoys music, but they just aren’t passionate about it, so we are going to explore other interests.”

    At first pass, this may seem like a logical thought process. But, I read somewhere recently that passion develops as a result of time and mastery and that takes more than just one year. While it may seem like they’ve been playing their instruments for quite a while, in the grand scheme of things, they are still young and developing musicians. You wouldn’t take this same approach with math, science, or history.

    To be passionate means to have found success and being successful in music takes time. In today’s “I need it now” world, music is a test of patience and tenacity that will yield great dividends to those who see it through.

    Many students who showed marginal success as beginners blossom into highly skilled musicians after time. I’ve even had a few of these formerly mediocre musicians tell me that they want to pursue a career in music. Their enjoyment and passion grew into something more over time.

    I fully understand, accept, and embrace the fact that most of these children will not pursue music as a profession in the same way that most math students will not be mathematicians, most science students will not become scientists, and most history students will not become historians.

    We pursue music to develop our brains. We pursue music to appreciate beauty. We pursue music to appreciate a challenge and learn to overcome obstacles. But most of all, we pursue music to be human.

    And that is the one thing we know ALL students will be — human.


    Practicing — is it worth the fight?

    You and your child are still near the beginning of your journey, but I’m sure one very important word has already become an integral part of your child’s music experience:


    Listen, few people like to practice — it’s like musical homework!

    I know that practicing can be a fight that you don’t want or need. I also know that most of you are not musicians and may not know how to help your child be successful in it. That’s ok. It’s not so much WHAT they practice, but THAT they practice, even if it is for just 10 minutes. In your role as a parent, you can make a big difference when it comes to practicing. You don’t have to know anything about their instrument or about music.

    Helping your child set aside a regular, dedicated time for practice over these initial months can have a dramatic effect on their trajectory as a musician!

    What does regular practice look like? For a beginner, shorter, frequent sessions are better. It takes time to develop the ability to practice in a focused, sustained manner. Set a schedule and try and stick to it so they develop a routine. As they work through their materials, prompt them with, “that was great… can I hear that again?” Or, “AWESOME! You should play that for your brother/sister/parent.” You will trick them into practicing without them even knowing it! Sneaky? Yes! But it works!

    The key to guided practice is a consistent schedule and repetition. If you can get them to sit down regularly and play things multiple times, the improvement will be significant! Please know that YOU are a crucial part of setting up your child for success in music, and I’m here to help you.

    If you have questions or struggles, please feel free to reach out to me.