•  Groups for Community Service club are complete. Students please find you name in a group number and read below to find which activity your group will be participating in.

    Thanksgiving Food Drive will be held November 6th through November 13th. All grades are asked to participate. Group 1 students will be responsible for collecting canned goods from homerooms at the end of the drive and preparing them to be taken to the Southside Food Pantry.
    Christmas Coin Drive will be held November 24th through December 12th. Group 2 will be responsible for placing coin jugs out each morning as well as counting and wrapping coins at the end of the drive. Money collected will be used to purchase presents for children who's names appear on the giving tree in Boyers.
    Letters to Santa will be completed in December. Group 3 and 4 students will be responsible for visiting each k-1 classroom and helping the students complete their letters. 
    Valentine's Day Matchmaker Survey's will be available to all 7th and 8th grade students as well as all faculty and staff February 2nd and 3rd. Group 5 students will be responsible for distributing survey's to each homeroom, collecting them from homeroom teachers, counting completed and non completed surveys and preparing them to be sent out. when surveys are returned back to school, students will sell survey's during their lunch February 12th and 13th.  
    Easter Egg Hunt for grades K-2 will be held March 31st. Groups 6 and 1  students will be responsible for filling eggs and hiding them for the egg hunt.   All members are asked to donate items to fill the eggs with for the hunt.
    Park/ School Clean up will be held in May. All 8th grade community service club students will participate in cleaning up litter around the school and park.