We would love to help you celebrate your child's special day.


    The foodservice department offers party packages that are easy and convenient  for parents. If you would like to order something that is not on our order form, we would be happy to help you.
    Contact the Food Service office at any time for more information.

    Celebrate with a Nutritious Class Party






    To order, place an “X” in front of the items you wish to order.                         

    Please obtain the teacher’s permission before ordering.

    Orders must be placed one week prior to the event.




    Giant Party Cookie                                                                    

    _______ Reduced Fat Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie $9.50 per cookie Serves up to 12 students.

                   Customized with any greeting


    Fresh Vegetable Tray

    _______ Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Low-Fat Ranch Dip $13.50 per tray


    Beverages -- Snack                                                                              

    _______ Fat-Free Milk or Fat-Free Chocolate Milk ----- $0.65 each

    _______ 8 oz Bottled Water----------------------------------- $0.60 each

    _______ 100% Juice Cup -------------------------------------$0.75 each

    _______ .5 oz Rold Gold Pretzel ----------------------------$0.75 each


    Number of students in the class __________

    Date of Delivery ________________________

    School location_________________________

    Classroom ____________________________

    Time _____________________________

     Indicate the greeting on the giant cookie:


    Ordering Instructions:

    Please confirm the arrangements with the teacher.

    After selecting the items desired, return this form to the teacher along with full payment.

     Checks should be payable to the Hazleton Area Cafeteria Fund.

    Your contact information if we have any questions.

    Name: _________________________________Phone _________________________

    Any questions?

    Please contact

    FoodService Office at 570-459-3111 ext. 3190 or: shatalskyk@hasdk12.org



    .  Download:    Celebration Order Form