8th Grade Computer Literacy

    This  middle  school  course  is  composed  of  instructional  modules  designed  to  provide  hands on  instruction  in  basic  keyboarding  skills,  computer  concepts,  and  software  applications.  The  software  applications  include  word  processing,  desktop  publishing,  presentation  software,  web  design,  programming,  spreadsheets,  and  databases.  English, language  arts  and  mathematics  are  reinforced,  as  this  is  part  of  the  Common  Core  Essential  Standards. 


    Intended  Outcomes

    Students will be introduced to different  types  of  application  software,  and  will  gain  basic  knowledge  and  understanding  of  the  keyboard,  computer  concepts,  and  word  processing  skills. Students will  be  able  to  gain  insight  on  understanding  the  different  types  of  software  applications.



    Units  of  Study

    • Keyboarding  Basics (Typingweb.com)

    • Computer Hardware

    • Computer Ethics

    • Internet  Safety  and  Cyber  Security

    • Social  Media  101  (Online  Marketing/Behavior,  Podcasting,  Blogging,  Social  Media  Tools,  QR  Codes,  etc.)

    • Intermediate  Word  Processing (MLA Formatting, Research etc)

    • Intermediate  Spreadsheet  Design

    • Databases  and  Forms 

    • Digital  Presentations

    • Desktop  Publishing

    • Website  Publishing

    • Introduction  to  Programming  Skills

    • Graphic Design



    Do to the nature of this computer course; almost all of the assignments are designed to be completed during class time.  If a student is absent, they may complete an assignment to the best of their ability at home and email or submit to the teacher when applicable. 


    Assignments will consists of:

    Exams, Projects, Journal Work & Classroom Assignments

    Computer Projects- 50% of Grade
    Class Work (Journal/Discussion Answers) - 25%  of  Grade    
    Class Tests/Quizzes- 25%  of Grade