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    Hazleton Area's Computer Science Vision Statement: The vision of the Hazleton Area School District Computer Science Initiative is promoting 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration and communication to help close the digital divide and participation gap for all student learners.  Students will engage in computational thinking projects, develop data literacy skills, and be exposed to basic computer programming languages.
    8th Grade Computer Science [Code.org]  45 Day Unit
    Unplugged Activities Week unplugged
    Computer Basics Unit  
    Extra CS Computer Resources  
    Code.org Unit [Block Coding]         <Code> Resources
    Microbit Unit [Block Coding]  Microbit Resources
    Scratch Unit [Block Coding]  Scratch  Resources
    Sphero Unit [Block Coding]   Sphero Challenges
    Lego Mindstorm Unit [Block Coding]  Lego Resources
    Coding, HTML  [Script]   HTML Resources
    CSMU Academy  [Script]  CSMU Resources
    Bonus Computational Thinking Activities  
    Computer Science Framework  
    Computer Basics  Yellow Pack Part One  PROBLEM SOLVING UNIT PDF FILE 

    Why We Teach Computer Science
    CS Promotes 21st Century Skills like creativity, coll.aboration, and communication.
    CS skills will help level the playing field and help close the "digital divide" and "participation gap" around tech for all students
    CS is often project based approaches that can enhance school pedagogy and move away from sage on the stage approaches
    Student Links and Resources