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    The Hazleton Area Education Foundation is involved in the following projects to benefit the students of the
    Hazleton Area School District
    The First Annual Hazleton Area Education Foundation Grant winners for the 2023-2024 school year:
    1. "Keep Your Room in Bloom" (Angela Avillion)
    • This project is for the Aspire Academy to open and run their own small business. The students will be responsible for taking the orders, managing the budget, and working hand in hand with the florists. 
    • They received $1,500.00.

    2. "Aspiring BEAN" (Randi Chapin)

    • This project is for the Aspire Academy, and it is for a mobile coffee shop and bakery. Students will be taking the orders from faculty and staff for baked goods and coffee on Fridays. During that time, the students will be tasked with preparing the baked goods and preparing the cart with all the necessary supplies.
    • They received $943.00.

    3. "Thermal Imaging in the Classroom" (Gregory Mazaurek)

    • This project is for the STEM school to further the STEM curriculum. The thermal imaging cameras allow the students to learn about thermal dynamics, heat transfer, frictional surfaces, insulating materials, and analyze rates of reactions.
    • They received $858.00.

    4. "Future Ready Explorers: Empowering Students through Innovation Technology Education" (Karen Vino)

    • This project is for 3rd and 4th grade at Mcadoo-Kelayres Elementary to introduce STEM/STEAM/STREAM challenges to prepare students for a successful future. The components of the technology cart include robotic kits, coding resources, machine learning modules, open-ended and guided STEM/STEAM/STREAM challenges, and specialized technology programs.
    • They received $1,500.00. 

    5. "Fun, Fantastic Five-year olds" (Heidi Klesh)

    • This project is for Kindergarten at Arthur Street to meet the students at their educational needs. The project is to create a warm and welcoming environment for the students with appropriate tables and chairs, supplies for the students inside the classroom, snacks, and prizes. All of these things are not readily available to the students and will create a better environment.
    • They received $1,200.00

    6. "Video Magnification LAB Station" (Kenneth Moss)

    • This project is for the STEM building and curriculum to introduce a Video Magnification LAB that would be mobile and used in Chemistry classes. With the use of this technology, students would be able to view magnified crystals during crystallization and many other reactions as well. Students will get an up-close and personal look at reactions in real time.
    • They received $1,391.27

    7. "Cyber Yogis" (Jamie Chicalese)

    • This project is for the Cyber Academy to introduce live yoga classes to the gym classes. Their plan is to hire Peace of Mind Yoga to have live classes for the students to join and do their physical activity. This project will introduce a new way to offer physical education to students. This will be a continuous project throughout the school year.
    • They received $1,125.00.

    8. "HAAH Photography Program" (Lisa Murphy)

    • This project is for the HAAH to introduce a photography program into their curriculum. The students will be able to learn basic photography skills and learn the inside and out of a camera. They will also incorporate various lighting techniques to be able to manipulate the photos.
    • They received $1,476.00.

    9. POS Training Program (Jim and Bree Tanner)

    • This project is for the HAHS and HACC to introduce a POS system to help students evolve in the working world. Not only does this system help with getting ready for a job, it also helps with teaching the students how to make change, money management, and the ins and outs of the system. With our lower functioning classrooms teaching how to give change and count money, this sytem would further that education. When having students work at the various coffee carts, teachers would be able to work with them in learning how to do the necessary jobs.
    • They received $2,614.96

    10. "Multi-Faceted Printmaking Program" (Anne Flowers)

    • This project is for the HAAH to introduce a printing press/program to allow students to learn different ways to print. This system can allow for teaching in etching, collography, paper plate lithography, unmounted linoleum block printing, and embossing. It would further the curriculum for the HAAH and allow for the students to continue working on their projects throughout the year.
    • They received $1,482.34

    11. "Sensory Support for Students with Special Needs" (Mindy Staffin)

    • This project will be for Valley Elementary Autistic Support classrooms to support those students with communication difficulties. The materials in the project will provide a multisensory approach to acquire new skills and work on being independent.
    • They received $1,214.85.