• Dental Hygiene Service Program


    About the Program

         Dental diseases are the most prevalent chronic conditions in the United States and the major cause of loss of teeth in children and adolescents.  Schools play a considerable role in the delivery of dental services to children.  The school dental health program in Pennsylvania is an integral part of the total school health program. The goal of the Hazleton Area Dental Hygiene Service Program is to help each student attain and maintain a state of optimum dental health. The program goal is to educate the student in proper oral care, prevention of oral disease and sustaining good health.

            Dental Examinations are state mandated in K, 3 and 7, in addition to new entries to the district.

          The Hazleton Area School District offers the services of the dentist / hygienist to provide a screening and complete the required paperwork at no cost. Permission forms will be distributed at school for the parent / guardian to select one of the following options:

             Private Dentist- Student will have routine check-up performed at their own private dentist. Private Dentist Form can be downloaded and taken to family dentist at the regular visit and returned to your child's school.  On top portion of Permission Form (English); Permission Form (Spanish) select private dentist and list name of your child's family dentist.  The bottom portion of permission form or the private dentist form must be taken to family dentist to be completed. 

             School  Dentist / Hygienist- Throughout the course of the school year the school dentist / hygienist moves from building to building. Permission forms will be sent home a few weeks prior to the dentist / hygienists visit. The dentist / hygienist uses a sterilized mouth mirror and dental explorer to complete the screening. All standard precautions, including gloves and mask, are used by the dentist / hygienist. At the screening, a dental report (English); dental report (Spanish) will be sent home informing parent / guardian of the condition of the child's mouth.  In addition, in every students file that was seen by the School Dentist, the School Dental Helath Record Form (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Department of Health) is retained.

               dental mirror  Parents/Guardians MUST complete a Permission Form (English); Permission Form (Spanish)  in Grades K, 3 and 7.

    tooth Kindergarten :
    Students will learn about the importance of their teeth, loss of baby teeth, plaque and healthy snacks. A dental puppet will be used to demonstrate proper toothbrushing. At the dental screening, students will receive toothbrushes,coloring papers and disclosing tablets
    tooth Third Grade :
    Students will learn the parts of their teeth, types of teeth, chain of tooth decay and plaque.  Students will also discuss what occurs at dental visits and how to maintain healthy teeth for the rest of their life.  At the dental screening, students will receive toothbrushes, coloring papers and disclosing tablets
    tooth Seventh Grade:
    Students will review all items discussed at Third Grade level.  In addition, the cause of periodontal disease and its effects will be studied.  Proper flossing and brushing techniques will be reviewed,  At the dental screening, students will receive toothbrushes, dental floss and disclosing tablets
     tooth Other :
    Students will learn 
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