• Classroom Procedures for
    Mr. Lucas

    Welcome to Mr. Lucas's Classroom Procedures!
    Little Arrow  red arrow- Students should come into class prepared and ready to look, listen, and learn!
    Little Arrow  red arrow- Students are also required to have a Math notebook, sharpened pencils, and Math Workbook. Students should label any notebooks with their name, subject, and homeroom.  
    Little Arrow  red arrow- Math Tests are given when the chapter is complete.  Test dates will be written on the board and students will be informed about one week in advance of any tests.  Check your child's Planners for dates.  The test questions come from each lesson that was covered throughout the Chapter. "Check My Progress" quizzes are given after several lessons are completed. 
    Little Arrow  red arrow- Homework is given about once a week.  Assignments (homework and test dates) are written on the board and make sure you check your child's planner!! Planners are to be signed every Wednesday and Friday or when otherwise notified. 
    PLEASE SEE MICROSOFT TEAMS AND REFER TO CLASS DOJO for further online instruction and daily activities.