• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Boyle's Reading & ELA Classes
               notebook2      Notebooks: Students will need one three subject notebook for Reading.  The first section will be for Literary Devices. These are terms students will be using throughout the year. The second section will include information and activities on passages read in class including responses to Text Dependent Analysis questions (TDAs). The third section will be for Genre notes and Performance Tasks which include Reader's Responses to stories along with other writing activities 
    For ELA, students need a five section binder.  Section 1is for Grammar notes and practice; Section 2--Writing Prompts; Section 3--Handouts; and Section 4--Graded Assignments.
    Silent Reading Books
    tudents are encouraged to have a silent reading book with them at all times.  Silent reading time is assigned but students will use any free time reading their books.  Books read in class can be utilized for Writing Prompts.

    Writing Prompts
    Students will respond to TDAs and On-Demand Writing Prompts throughout the year.  Some will be completed in class while others will be homework.
    Scholastic Orders
    tudents will have the opportunity to purchase books monthly through the Scholastic Book Club.  Please make checks payable to Scholastic Book Club. Students are not required to purchase books; however, it is recommended they peruse through the flyers for ideas on book selections.  Students tend to do better on assignments when they are reading something they are interested in.