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    Testing Procedures for
    Mrs. Chiacchio

    -All students must be prepared for a test or quiz on the day it will be given. Work will be submitted through Teams

    -Quizzes will be announced at least one day before the quiz.  Tests will be announced a few days before the test will be given.  

    -Any missed tests or quizzes will be made up on the day that the student returns to school if the absence is one day.  

    -All students and parents are encouraged to use the district website to check homework assignments. All assignments will be assigned through Teams and Study Island. 

      Mrs. Chiacchio's Grading Policy
      20% Exam
      25% Tests
      20% Quizzes
      35% Classwork/Homework

    Hazleton Area School District
     Grading Policy

    93 - 100

    A (Advanced)

    85 - 92

    B (Proficient)

    77 - 84

    C (Basic)

    70 - 76

    D (Below Basic)

    69 or Below

    F (Below Basic)