What is Occupational Therapy?
    Occupational Therapy (OT) is a health care profession that addresses an individual's ability to perform the daily tasks or occupations they need to do. These include self-care, work and leisure activities. Occupational therapists are guided by supportive evidence that a person's satisfaction with their own occupational performance determines their level of health and well being and gives meaning to life.
    In the school setting, a student's occupational performance may be impaired by a developmental, physical, sensory, attentional and/or learning challenge. A school-based occupational therapist strives to improve a student's task and activity performance that are necessary for school functioning. Occupational therapy services may involve direct intervention to enhance, restore, maintain or prevent deterioration of skills necessary for optimum functioning in the school environment. Through consultation with students, parents, teachers and support staff, an OT can recommend task adaptations, environmental modifications and/or assistive devices to promote optimum functioning within the school setting.
    COVID-19 Review and Enrichment
    The following are web resources which may be used for review and practice during this unprecedented health crisis.
    Visual Motor/Handwriting Resources-
    Handwriting Development
    (if this doesn't take you to the exact page, then type handwriting development into search box)
    Sensory Resources-
    Sensory Scavenger Hunt:  https://theinspiredtreehouse.com/activities-for-kids-sensory-motor-scavenger-hunt/
    Benefits of Nature You Tube Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq6irnzL7VM&feature=youtu.be
    Fine-Motor Resources-
    Fine Motor Skills with Everyday Items:  https://www.theottoolbox.com/tripod-grasp-fine-motor-skills-everyday-items
    Please e-mail me if you have questions or concerns: latoskil@hasdk12.org
    Sending my best wishes to students and families....please stay safe and well.