• Below is a list of free or inexpensive apps that are useful for improving educational and speech skills in a fun, entertaining way:

    Talking Tom: cause/effect and speech: free

    What goes together: associations: .99

    Random Touch: cause and effect: free or .99

    Preschool Touch: object Identification: free

    ABA emotions: emotion flashcards: free

    ComApps: basic communication: Free or 39.99 for full version

    Photo concepts: object concepts: .99

    Laser Light Show: cause and effect Free

    ABC alphabet phonics matching: letter recognition: free

    Pocket Pond: cause and effect and relaxation: free

    NCL Autism: informational: free

    Iplay and sing: educational games: free

    Choice Creator- communication: free

    Tap to Talk: communication: free

    I speak words: spelling: free

    Spell Animals: spelling: free

    Spelling Bug: spelling: .99

    Sight words Games: sight words: free

    Sight Words Photo Touch: sight words: free

    Teach me Kindergarten: educational: .99

    Teach me First Grade: educational: .99

    Undersea Math: math: free

    Farm Flip: memory: free

    Jake's Neverland Pirate School: educational: free

    ASL Dictionary: 2.99

    iASL: translator: 1.99

    Speech with Millo: Verbs: 2.99

    Speech Blubs


    Below is a list of websites that offer activities to continue practicing speech/language at home: