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    Spring Language Activities

    Spring is a great time to visit farms and zoos and any other areas that have animals.  Name animals with your child and the animal sounds.  Old McDonald is a great song to sing in the Springtime. This is a great opportunity to teach them new vocabulary such as lamb, calf, colt, piglet, chick, duckling, etc… 

    *Go for a picnic.  Have your child help decide on the menu and maybe even help you prepare the food. 

    *This season is a very colorful season.  Review the colors with your child.  You can even introduce new colors like lavender, sky blue, turquoise, etc…

    *Plant a garden.  Even if you don’t have room in your yard for a large garden, get a few containers and let your child help you plant some seeds.  This is a great way for your child to learn to care for something.  Talk about what your plants need to survive.

    *If your child is working on a specific sound, go for a walk and play “Eye Spy” looking for things that begin with that sound.

    *This is the time of year that different insects and animals come out of hibernation.  Name them for your child. 

    Some great books to read in the Spring include almost anything by Eric Carle. 

    Action words are great to practice with your child in the Spring.  Go to the park or even just for a walk and practice “jumping” “kicking” “sliding” or any other fun action you can think of doing.

    Springtime brings many different types of weather.  This is a great time to go over weather related vocabulary such as windy, foggy, breezy, etc…  Ask your child what he/she thinks the weather will be like for the day and then check to see if he/she are right. 

    Different types of weather brings different types of clothing.  Spring is a great time to review all sorts of clothing.