• Proposed Hazleton Area School District Booster Organization

    Policy No. 915




    The Board recognizes the existence and appreciates the efforts of the various community-based booster clubs at work in the school community. The Board and administration are also fully cognizant that without the countless hours members of these groups give to their respective organizations, district programs – athletic and non-athletic- would suffer.  Collaboratively, these activities should be consistent with the philosophy and objectives of the district and its Board policies. In this regard, equity principles and compliance benchmarks described in Title IX law must be used to guide fundraising efforts and resource allocations’ decisions. 


    A Booster club is defined as any parental or community support group that provides services, awards, funds and/or equipment for school district sponsored programs. These programs shall include, but are not necessarily limited to, athletic and nonathletic as well as interscholastic and extracurricular programs. Only those booster clubs operating under bylaws approved by the Board shall be recognized by the school district name and facilities. Booster clubs shall be required to apply for recognition from the Board on an annual basis. The Board wishes to further provide booster clubs the opportunity to support local school programs, both athletic and nonathletic, however the Board also acknowledges that these booster organizations must adhere to all Board, district, and state-wide promulgated rules and policies. In order to maintain good standing with the Board, all booster organizations which are recognized by the Board shall adhere to the established guidelines. Failure to comply shall result in the loss of Board recognition and, subsequently, the right to utilize or access school facilities.




    The Board recognizes that the focus of each booster club is student-centered and, thus, these groups contribute in a material way through services, supplies, equipment or other to school district students. Often this can have a direct result which lessens the financial burden to the district taxpayers; however, it is the school’s responsibility to know what resources are coming into a program and to avoid any disparity that the resources may create. The Board specifically acknowledges that expenditure reports are necessary to ensure compliance with Title IX Regulations, therefore,


    Each booster group or organization shall submit to the Board, on an annual basis, a comprehensive financial plan which shall, at a minimum, outline the proposed fundraising activities, the specific purpose of the fundraising activities, and any anticipated or recently completed major expenditures for the time period. The Board shall coordinate the proposed fundraising and expenditures so that the administration and Board can oversee the comprehensive fundraising plan for all organizations so as to avoid duplication of effort and improper activities. For purposes of this policy, annual basis shall mean and require that the organization submit their financial report and fundraising plan one month before the defined fall, winter, or spring seasons begin. All summer fundraisers must be approved at the May Board meeting. This time frame permits the Board to approve such reports.


    Fundraisers must be Board approved before any tickets are handed out, fliers are posted, items are ordered, or sales begin. Fundraiser forms can be picked up at the high school Athletic office.


    Each booster group shall name an FDIC insured depository bank into which all proceeds and receipts shall be deposited. Booster/Support groups must follow appropriate accounting practices in maintaining and disbursing funds


    Booster groups shall not use the district tax-free number for purchases. Groups should consider filing with the Commission on Charitable Organizations, Department of State, as a charitable nonprofit organization.


    All contributions of supplies and equipment must go through the Athletic Director and the school board before purchasing so as to ensure compliance with Title IX Regulations. All contributions of supplies and equipment become property of the Hazleton Area School District and subject to related district policies. When using existing supplies and equipment it must be restored to its original status.  


    Proposed improvements to the district buildings and grounds being made by the booster organization must have the approval of the Director of Operations and Maintenance and the principal receiving the contribution. Consultants to the booster groups for various projects (i.e. construction) should not be engaged without School Board approval


    Carryover funds should be encouraged for long-term success of the club and possible difficulties with any given fundraiser


    On an annual basis, each organization shall submit a post-season fundraising financial report to the Board to confirm that its finances are in good standing and have been reviewed and submitted by the Treasurer. The letter must be signed by both the booster group president and Treasurer and must include a report on an internal Annual Financial Audit completed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a copy of the audit given annually to the district. The report should be submitted within a month after their respective banquet or no later than the last day of school for that school year. If this report is not submitted on time, the organization will not be permitted to begin the next school year’s booster plan until said report requirements are completed.


    Booster/Support organizations involved in concessions at school events shall follow district guidelines for use of, and payment for, facilities. The group using the concession stand is responsible for clean-up of the facility. Equipment must not be removed without permission. Booster organizations involved in concessions at school events shall follow district guidelines and are encouraged to follow the district student wellness policy.


    Any and all purchases of equipment, materials or instruction for a program or organization shall have the prior written approval of the district Athletic Director or Curriculum Director and the Superintendent. No direct payments, outside P.I.A.A. guidelines, shall be made to any student athlete or other participant for attendance at tournaments, camps, or the like, without the expressed written consent of the Athletic Director and Superintendent. Only those Booster Groups or other support organizations that have specifically and directly received recognition by the Board shall be eligible to be associated with the respective district activity which it supports. All unrecognized booster groups shall be denied the use of school facilities and equipment unless they have properly submitted a third party request for use of the rental of the facilities and equipment.


    The head coach or club advisor should have an active role in his/her respective booster organization and the decision-making process of the booster club.  S/he should be involved in the structure of the organization’s agenda for meetings and actively participate in the meeting.  If the head coach/advisor cannot attend, a representative from the coaching/curriculum staff should attend. 




    A booster group or support organization, in order to gain the recognition of the Board, must adhere to the following guidelines:


    The booster group or support organization must submit to the Board a set of bylaws or similar rules which govern the activities of the organization. The bylaws or similar rules must be consistent with the philosophy, mission and policies of the district. These bylaws must, at a minimum, contain the following elements: the official name of the organization or group; the group’s purpose; the group’s membership eligibility criteria; a specific statement that there shall be no discrimination; dues, if any; names and titles of all club officers; the duties of the officers; meeting schedules and requirements; the names of all subcommittees of the organization; and any procedure to amend the bylaws or adopt additional bylaws via ratification procedure, if appropriate.


    Concerns or issues of individual members of booster clubs or support groups regarding the team or athletic program or club should follow the chain of command indicated below:


    Step 1 – Coach/Club Advisor

    Step 2 – Athletic Director

    Step 3 – Building Principal

    Step 4 – Central Administration

    Step 5 – Board of Education



    The group or organization shall submit on an annual basis to the Board a listing of all officers by name and address or names of contact persons who will represent the interests of their organization. Any change of officers or contact persons after July 1 shall immediately be reported, in writing, to the Athletic Director, who will forward the changes to the board. New presidents shall be required to contact the Athletic Director to review the school district policies before meeting with their officers and members. Each president shall also sign the preseason fundraising plan showing that s/he knows the school district booster rules and regulations.




    The group or organization must acknowledge that they shall not require mandatory participation by students in any fundraising activity as a condition of participation in the school-sponsored programs. Booster clubs are adult organizations, which sponsor fundraising activities carried out in the name of the school. Students are not to be involved in fundraising activities during school hours and are not to sell games of chance (50-50, raffles, lotteries, etc.).


    Acknowledge that the club or organization is in compliance with all rules and regulations promulgated by the school Board, the P.I.A.A. and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


    Booster/support groups must send copies of meeting minutes to the Athletic Director or building principal and the board of directors


    It is imperative for the booster organizations to communicate with the parents/guardians at the first possible opportunity, prior to tryouts if possible. Letters should go home to parents/guardians explaining the fundraisers or booster dues. Parents/Guardians should be informed of the meeting dates, location, and when fundraising agenda items will be discussed and/or voted on in the organization. If the majority of the membership is against a fundraiser, the organization should look at alternative ways to raise money. Some of the booster organizations may charge a fee in lieu of fundraising.


    The organizations shall prohibit the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages and  are to prohibit the use of any tobacco products at any and all functions on school district property or at any club or organization sponsored function at which students are in attendance. This may include but not limited to banquets, picnics, and team get-togethers including those held beyond the school year.


    They shall ensure that all gifts or awards shall not be given to students, directly or indirectly, without the approval of the Superintendent and/or the Board, as may be appropriate. Any and all awards, gifts, or other items given to the participants of said programs must not violate the policies of the district, the P.I.A.A. or the N.C.A.A. This may include but not be limited to gifts of cash, gift cards, or gift certificates.

    In conducting its activities, all booster organizations shall comply with the Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act, as amended, the Pennsylvania Small Games of Chance Act, or any other requirements established regarding fundraising. No booster club shall engage in any activities outside the guidelines established by the P.I.A.A. or the state.


    Concerns or issues of members of the booster groups should first be directed through the appropriate coach, then through the Athletic Director, then to the Superintendent and finally, to the Board. The Board, Superintendent, the principals, and/or the Athletic Director shall have the authority to void or cancel any and all fundraising activities or expenditure programs that they believe are not necessary, appropriate, or in the best interest of the school district and its students.


    Should the Board deem that the efforts or activities of any club are not in the best interest of the district and its students, the authorization to operate the club may be withdrawn.


    Booster organizations do not have the authority to direct the duties of a school district employee and/or approved volunteers. The schedule of contests, rules for participation, methods for earning letters and all other criteria dealing with interschool programs are under the jurisdiction of the School District administration.