• New and Re-enrollment Student Registration Process

    For ALL student registrations or students re-entering the district, the Parent or Legal Guardian MUST first pre-register online. Please read the following two options and choose the appropriate option that applies to you.

    Option 1: 

    If the parent/legal guardian currently has other students enrolled in any HASD school, then the parent/legal guardian MUST complete the pre-registration process via the Family Access Portal.  If you do not have your login name or password, please contact the HASD school in which your other student is enrolled and they will provide the necessary information.  This information cannot be provided over the phone; it must be mailed to the student’s address or picked up in person (picture ID is required for pickups). 
    Option 2:
    If the parent/legal guardian does not have any other students enrolled in any HASD school, then click the link below to begin the process.
    Once the Parents/Legal Guardians have completed their online registration through either option 1 or option 2 you MUST make an appointment. To make an appointment please call the Administration Building Front Desk at (570) 459-3111 ext 3000.

    Once the appointment is made with the Administration Building the Parents/Legal Guardians must bring ALL of the following REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION with them to their assigned appointment  -- NO EXCEPTIONS:

    1. Parent or Legal Guardian's Photo ID

    2. Proof of Child’s Age

      •    Examples:

        Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Notarized Copy of the Record of Baptism or duly certified copy showing the date of birth, Notarized statement from the parents or another relative indicating the date of birth, Prior School Record indicating the date of birth, Valid Passport

    3. Student Immunization Record

    4. Three (3) different current (within 3 months) proofs of address

      •    Examples:

        Internal Revenue Statement, W2 Form, Voter Registration Card, Property Deed, Property Tax Bill, Lease, Driver's License, State ID Card, Insurance Statement, Vehicle Registration, Current Pay Stub, Bank Statement, Billing Statement, Utility Statement, Cable Statement, Multiple Occupancy Notarized Letter signed by both parties (if applicable)

    The following optional documentation should be provided (if applicable):

    • Custodial agreements/court orders/guardianship papers/etc.
    • IEP (Individualized Educational Plan)

    • 504 Plan

    • Most recent report card/transcript

    Students CANNOT be registered without ALL Required Documents


    Note: If the student is bilingual or a non-English speaker, they must accompany the parent/guardian during the registration appointment for ESL testing, otherwise, the student does not need to be present at the appointment.



    Questions may be directed to the child accounting department of the HASD at 570-459-3111extensions 3153 or 3281.