• Dear Parents/ Guardians,


       I believe in holding high expectations for my students to follow. I want all of my students to have an equal opportunity to learn and be safe within my classroom and their school. I strive to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for my students where we work together and learn as a team in our classroom.

       I implement a positive behavior system within my classroom called BAMs. This system is interactive and provides positive reinforcement. Each student will have the chance to get BAMs (pompoms) within a plastic cup on their desk throughout the day based on their behavior, good listening skills, and participation. Every Friday at the end of the day, we count who has the most BAMs in their cup. First, second, and third place winners will get to spin a wheel for a prize.  BAMs are a great motivational and positive reinforcement tool my students always seem to love! 

       Dangerousinappropriate, or disruptive behaviors that keep others from learning and being safe may require removal of a student from the classroom. He or she will be reported immediately to our principal if this occurs.

       I will always contact you by phone if there is ever a situation that needs to be discussed. It is important to me that we keep our line of communication open and we work together to meet the needs of your child.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mrs. Sharkey