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    Reading/Language Arts: 

       Our book is divided up into units and each unit is made up of 5 weeks.  Each week will focus on different vocabulary words, reading skills, spelling words, sight words, and an essential question.  A comprehension test will be given after each of these weeks focusing on the main story we are learning about in class.  These weeks are considered "reading weeks" and will consist of about 10 days.  

       A skills test will be given every other week.  These tests will focus on all the reading skills the students are learning about during the week.  The stories within the tests will be read to the students at first.  Towards the middle of the school year, students will be expected to read these tests on their own.

       A purple reading folder will be sent home with each student every day.  This folder will include a reading log where the students will be expected to keep track of their reading each night.  This will help your child to become a more fluent reader.  The students will be asked to read for 10-15 minutes every night from Monday to Friday.  I will be checking their reading logs, every morning, to see that they have completed their reading.  



       New spelling lists will be given to students every other Monday and a spelling test will follow on that Friday.  Students will be asked to keep their spelling lists in their purple reading folders.  If a student misplaces his or her spelling list for spelling homework, you can find the spelling words on my website until they receive a new list.   



       Students will get to practice their manuscript on a daily basis.  Towards the middle of the school year, students will begin to learn cursive writing.   



       New vocabulary words will be given every other Monday along with the spelling words.  Vocabulary tests will always be given on a Thursday the following week the lists are given.



       Tests dates for grammar will vary.  A grammar packet will be done in class each reading week with a corresponding foldable.  These tools can be used as a review for the grammar tests.  I will send the students' grammar packets and foldables home to study. 



       We focus on writing incredibly within my classroom.  All writing assignments will be done in class.  Throughout the school year, students will be learning several different types of writing, such as narratives, informational writing, and opinion writing.  These assignments will be the focus for their writing grade on their report card. 



       A math test will be given after each chapter.  The chapter reviews is a great tool to use to study for the math tests.  Math quizzes will be given in the middle of a chapter.  These will be pop quizzes.