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    Spelling Workbook

    Grammar Workbook


    Students will be issued a planner at the beginning of school. It is your child’s responsibility to have the planner EVERYDAY. It MUST be signed EVERYDAY (except for Friday) by a parent/guardian. Your child’s homework will be written in their planner each day, by your child.

    • Generally, your child will have homework Mon. – Thurs.
    • Every night review the weekly story and skills along with the vocabulary words.
    • Read Fluency story nightly- I will test your child on the story on Friday
    • Any tests will be written in the planner on a weekly basis. If your child forgets their planner, check TEAMS

    We are excited about starting our new Fluency stories! Each week, I will be sending home a short story for your child to practice Monday- Thursday. Then, every Friday I will time your child for one minute and they will receive a Reading grade based on their fluency and accuracy. Please take time each night to practice reading this story with your child and signing the bottom of the sheet each night.

    What is Fluency?

    Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately and quickly while using expression. Fluency is important, because it allows students to focus on making meaning rather than devoting time and energy to sounding out words. Fluency can be developed and improved by modeling fluent reading and by engaging students in repeated oral reading.

    Thank you in advance for all the time you spend reading with your child and joining us in this journey toward becoming better, more fluent readers!


    Absent Work:

    • If your child is absent, please call the office. We will then prepare your child’s absent work.
    • All absent work will be sent home with a sibling and/or a specific person of your choice. Your child will have 1 day for every day they missed to make up the work.


    If you have any other concerns, please e-mail at ercolanir@hasdk12.org.