Spirit- Show your school spirit and follow the Mustang way! When an adult starts talking get quiet. Respect yourself first and everyone around you. When you enter the hallway get quiet. Be your “super” self everywhere and always.

    Unique- Do your own thing! Worry about your work! Like the things you like, read the things you want. Dress in school appropriate clothing that you like. Be your own person. Always try your best to do what you know is right.

    Passionate- Study hard and put your best effort into the work you do in class. Try your best every day! Complete your classwork in a timely manner. Stay focused while on the computer.

    Empathetic- Be kind to others. Talk to the kid that no one talks to. Sit with someone new in class, on the bus, or at lunch. Help someone pick up their books. Ask your classmates how they’re doing and if they’re ok! Get to know the kids around you and do your best to listen.

    Respectful- Respect yourself first. Wear appropriate clothing to school. Talk to everyone around you the way you would like to be spoken to. Think about the attitude you are bringing into school; is it positive or negative? Try your best to be positive each day.

    Students may receive a SUPER write up if:

    • Not Prepared for class
    • Disrespectful to any adults or peers
    • Disruptive in class
    • Poor Work Ethic/ other
    • Once your child has received 3 write-ups, a SUPER Incident Report will be sent home
    • If they receive 3 (one sheet) they will not be able to participate in the monthly incentive.
    • Each month they start over
    • If they receive 10 or more write-ups throughout the school year, they will not be able to attend the class field trip at the end of the year.