Security Clock-in Procedure

    Locations with no time clocks (i.e. Rex Antinozzi Field, 17th Street (St. Stanislaus Softball Field), Drifton Complex, Pagnotti Field, etc.) will still require paper timesheets.

    CLOCK IN (Regular Shift)
    & (Overtime Shift for Non-Sporting Related Events)  i.e. Graduation, Rentals, Adult Education, Security issues, etc.
    1)  Press green "clock in" button.
    2)  Enter your 4-digit employee pin number.
    3)  Press the "Yes/Enter" Button.
    4)  Place your finger on the scanner until you see "print accepted".
    5)  Verify default job code is on screen. (Default job should always appear first)
    6)  Press "Yes/Enter" to complete clock-in and the green checkmark appears.
    CLOCK IN (Sporting Events)
    1)  Press green "clock in" button.
    2)  Enter your 4-digit employee pin number.
    3)  Press the "Yes/Enter" Button.
    4)  Place your finger on the scanner until you see "print accepted".
    5)  Press F1(Up) or F2(Down) to select "99 Special Event" and press "Yes/Enter".
    6)  Enter the COST CODE (i.e. Press 060 which is the code for 7th/8th Grade
         Wrestling) - Please refer to the list of the sporting events and their respective
         three (3) digit cost codes.
    7)  Press "Yes/Enter" to complete clock-in and the green checkmark appears.
    NOTE:  CLOCK OUT Procedure remains the same for all.
    Please retain a list of these codes of the sporting events for your reference.  If you have any questions please contact Leanne Fisher (570) 459-3111, Ext. 3159 or Anthony Lamanna (570) 459-3111, Ext. 3107.
    Cost Code Cost Code DescriptionBudget Code
    0107/8 BOYS - CROSS COUNTRY29326518300030260000
    0207/8 GIRLS - CROSS COUNTRY29328418300030260000
    0307/8 FOOTBALL (HARMAN-GEIST)29326318300030150000
    0407/8 SOCCER (HARMAN-GEIST)29329218300030150000
    0507/8 SOCCER (SOCCER FIELD)29329218300030170000
    0607/8 WRESTLING29326418300030810000
    0707/8 BOYS - TRACK29326618300030190000
    0807/8 GIRLS - TRACK29328618300030190000
    0907/8 BASEBALL29326718300030810000
    1007/8 SOFTBALL29328518300030810000
    1107/8 FIELD HOCKEY29328318300030180000
    120DEMS 7/8 -BOYS-BASKETBALL29326218300030200000
    130FEMS 7/8 -BOYS-BASKETBALL29326218300030210000
    140HEMS 7/8-BOYS-BASKETBALL29326218300030220000
    150HTEMS 7/8-BOYS-BASKETBALL29326218300030240000
    160VEMS 7/8-BOYS-BASKETBALL29326218300030260000
    165MKEMS 7/8-BOYS-BASKETBALL29326218300030250000
    170WHEMS 7/8-BOYS-BASKETBALL29326218300030270000
    180HAHS 7/8-BOYS-BASKETBALL29326218300030810000
    190DEMS 7/8 -GIRLS-BASKETBALL29328218300030200000
    200FEMS 7/8 -GIRLS-BASKETBALL29328218300030210000
    210HEMS 7/8-GIRLS-BASKETBALL29328218300030220000
    220HTEMS 7/8-GIRLS-BASKETBALL29328218300030240000
    MKEMS 7/8-GIRLS-BASKETBALL29328218300030250000
    230VEMS 7/8-GIRLS-BASKETBALL29328218300030260000
    240WHEMS 7/8-GIRLS-BASKETBALL29328218300030270000
    250HAHS 7/8-GIRLS-BASKETBALL29328218300030810000
    2609TH GRADE-BASEBALL29326918300030810000
    2709TH GRADE-FOOTBALL (HARMAN-GEIST)29326818300030150000
    2809TH GRADE-SOFTBALL29328918300030810000
    330VEMS 9-GIRLS-BASKETBALL29328118300030260000
    340HS BASEBALL (JV & VARSITY)29325318300030810000
    350HS BOYS-BASKETBALL (JV & VARSITY)29325418300030810000
    360HS BOYS-CROSS COUNTRY (JV & VARSITY)29325818300030810000
    370HS BOYS-SOCCER (JV & VARSITY)29325118300030810000
    380HS BOYS-SWIMMING (JV & VARSITY)29325518300030810000
    390HS BOYS-TENNIS (JV & VARSITY)29325218300030810000
    400HS BOYS-TRACK (JV & VARSITY)29325618300030810000
    410HS BOYS-VOLLEYBALL (JV & VARSITY)29325718300030810000
    420HS FOOTBALL (JV & VARSITY)29325918300030810000
    430HS FIELD HOCKEY (JV & VARSITY)29328018300030810000
    440HS GIRLS-BASKETBALL (JV & VARSITY)29327418300030810000
    450HS GIRLS-CROSS COUNTRY (JV & VARSITY)29327818300030810000
    460HS GIRLS-SOCCER (JV & VARSITY)29327118300030810000
    480HS GIRLS-TRACK (JV & VARSITY)29327618300030810000
    490HS GIRLS-VOLLEYBALL (JV & VARSITY)29327718300030810000
    500HS SOFTBALL (JV & VARSITY)29327318300030810000
    510HS WRESTLING (JV & VARSITY)29326018300030810000
    520HS WATER POLO (JV & VARSITY)29329418300030810000