Mandatory Attendance at Concerts!  Note and save the date!
    MIOSM Concert- Thursday March 14 7PM (white button down shirt or blouse with a sleeve and black pants/skirt black socks and shoes)
    $6 for adults and $5 for students.  ($1 from each ticket sold goes to the Haraschak memorial scholarship fund)
    Spring POPs Choral Concert Thursday May 16 7PM
    (wear business dress, button down shirt and dress pants, blouse and skirt- any colors) $5 for adults and $4 for students 
    PMEA CALENDAR 2018-19:
    District 9 Chorus Festival: 2/6-8 Lakeland/Forest City HSs
    Region IV Chorus Festival 3/21-23 Canton High School
    District 9 Vocal Jazz Festival 4/12-13 Elk Lake Jr. Sr. High School
    PA All-State Chorus AND NafME All-Eastern Chorus 4/3-6, Pittsburgh, PA
    PMEA District Chorus 2018 
    Congratulations to Kristen Snyder (Soprano 1), Madison Youngcourt (Soprano 2), Gracie Tuggle (Alto 1), Jasmine Treichler (Alto 1), Lisbeth Mora (Alto 2), Albairis Cruz (Alto 2), and Travis Smith (Bass 2) who were selected at the PMEA District 9 Pre-Auditions to perform at the District 9 Chorus Festival at Lakeland and Forest City High School February 8-8, 2019.   
    PMEA District Vocal Jazz 2018-
    Congratulations to Ainsley Segedy (Soprano), Lisbeth Mora (Alto), Stephen Pyle (Baritone),  who were selected by audition to perform in the District Jazz Choir at the PMEA District 9 Vocal Jazz Festival.
    The festival will be held April 12-13 at Elk Lake Junior Senior High School.  
    2019 NafME All-Eastern Chorus
    Congratulations to Lisbeth Mora who represented Hazleton Area High School AND Hazleton Area Arts and Humanities as the WVIA Artist of the week.  Lisbeth was also selected to perform in the 2019 All-Eastern Women's Chorus in Pittsburgh April 3-6, 2019.