• Middle School Physical Education
    Classroom Procedures:
    * Students enter the gym in an orderly fashion and immediately sit in their assigned gym spots.
    * Attendance is taken daily.
    * Class will warm up and stretch as a group.
    * Before we start our activity, the students will be informed of the objective(s) for that specific day. All physical activities will be based on the objective.
    * Students must be prepared for gym. Sneakers are required for participation, and if they are not worn, an alternate assignment is available for the student. Students must wear clothing that allows them to move freely.
    * No gum or candy is allowed in the gym. Points will be deducted from the student's grade. If this occurs on multiple occasions, they will have to complete an informative paper. The student may re-enter the activity when the assignment is completed properly, and after a brief student-teacher discussion.
    * Students need to be respectful at all times. 
    * Participation in the KEY!!
    Middle School Health
    Classroom Procedures:
    * Students must have a pen/pencil each day.
    * All students should have a 1 subject health notebook which will be stored in the classroom.
    * Health textbooks stay in school unless signed out by teacher.
    * I do not assign homework. All graded work is completed in class. If the student does not utilize classtime effectively, homework will be assigned.        Parent/guardian will be notified if this is happening on a consistent basis.
    *Missed assignments are posted on Microsoft Teams. It is the student's responsibility to ask about missed work when they return.