• HASD General Music (Vocal)
    Elementary General (K-6)/ Middle School General (7-8)
    All students in the elementary school recieve general music class at least once a week.  Some students have music twice.  This varies according to the individual school scheduling.  Middle school students attend music classes each day for one quarter of the school year.
    Students are able to explore various music topics through singing, listening to examples, movement, playing on classroom instruments, composing, creating, and improvising music.
    Please contact your child's music teacher to discover what chorus oportunities exist in their school.  Teacher contact information can be found in the HASD Music Faculty Directory.
    High School Vocal Music
    The F/S Chorus (Freshman/Sophmore Chorus) is available for students to schedule as a class starting in ninth grade.  Students can elect to take Concert Choir starting in eleventh grade.  There are four major school performances each year.  Concerts occur once each marking period.  Chorus concerts are held in the high school auditorium.  7:00 p.m.
    Chamber Singers is offered to students as an after school ensemble.  Acceptance into Chamber Singers is by audition only.  Auditions are held in September.  The group performs at various community events throughout the school year.