• Hello Everyone,

    Memorial Day May 25th is Memorial Day.  I hope that you show your patronage by flying the American Flag and thinking about the lives that we lost in many wars.  Because of these soliders, we are living here in this wonderful country. This week is history in the making for the United States Space Program.  We are sending two astronauts to the International Space Station.  It has been many years since American astronauts ascended into space from American soil.  I have place a video for you to watch and write about.  Also, I am going to place the launch video on site so you can see this exiciting venture. 

    Standards:  S5.A.3 Systems, Models, and Patterns

    Objective: Explain how exploring space has assist scienctist in placing a man on the moon.


    Week 4 May 26th

    Video of the Week:  https://mysteryscience.com/mini-lessons/astronaut-and-sun   Please watch the video and write a paragraph telling me your reaction to it.


    Constellations worksheet: Stars

    Click on the space work sheets and complete for June 2.

    The launch of the astronauts on Wednesday was scrubbed.  The new launch is this Saturday, video to follow.

     The first video introduces you to the place, NASA where the next video takes place, launching in space.

    Being an Astronaut         SpaceX Launch



      Here we come!