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    Mrs. M. Hess
    Email: hessm@hasdk12.org
    Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext.24500
    Grade (s): 5
    Subject (s): Reading, English Language Arts, Spelling, Science, Social Studies
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              Students Rights and Responsibilities
    1I have the RIGHT to learn and grow.
     It is my responsibility to listen to instructions, work quietly, raise my hand if I    have a question or concern and to complete assignments. I will cooperate, participate and do the best I can do.
    2I have the RIGHT to hear and be heard.
    It is my responsibility not to talk, shout or make loud noises when others are speaking.
    3.  I have the RIGHT to be respected as an individual.
    It is my responsibility not to tease or bother other people or to hurt their feelings. I must show respect and consideration for others and their ideas.
    4. I have the RIGHT to privacy and to my own personal space.
    I have the responsibility to respect the personal property of others and to accept their right to privacy.
    5.  I have the RIGHT to enjoy my education and the school I am attending.
    I have the responsibility to have a good attitude and to participate in a way which 
    helps our school be a place where others can enjoy school too.
    As a 5th Grade student of Heights Terrace Elementary-Middle School, I am responsible for my own learning and my own actions.