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    Online Instruction

    Week of: May 4, 2020

    Subject: Grade 8 English Language Arts

    Class Period(s)Period 3


    Teacher Message: Hello students, I hope that you are all safe and healthy!

    Welcome to week one of ELA 8.  You have the opportunity this week, to make up missed work for 3rd Quarter.  Log into Skyward-3rd Quarter, complete items that are incomplete and e-mail (carrellc@hasdk12.org) or message me in Skyward to let me know that you have made up missed work.


    As you begin to work on the on-line activities, take your time and read carefully.  You are required to complete 2 hours of work a week.


    Weekly Objective(s):

    1.) Log onto Edgenuity below and practice using the program.  This is the work that will begin the 4th Quarter.

    2.) Watch Edgenuity training videos

    3.) Understand what verb tense, aspect, and voice mean

    4.) Explore the different ways verbs can be used

    5.) Use verbs to discuss goals



    CC.1.4.8.F Demonstrate a grade-appropriate command of the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.



    PDN: Study Island - Log into Study Island and watch/read the lesson and complete the practice on:

    5. E08.D Language

                   a. verbals

                   b. active and passive voice

                   d. using verbs in moods

    *Watching the lesson and completing the practice on Study Island will help you be successful whe completing The Edgenuity activities.



                Click on the Edgenuity logo or Edgenuity Student Login link below to login and access the lessons for this week. 


     Edgenuity Student Login



    Independent Practice and Additional Resources:

     Go to Study Island under "My Classes" - Mrs. Carrell, complete - verbals, active and passive voice and verbs in moods.



    Assignments and Assessments:

    • Make sure that all of your work is complete for 3rd Quarter
    • Edgenuity: Verb Tense and Voice Assessment
    • Study Island: Verbals, Active and Passive Voice and Verbals in Moods



    Quick Access Student Login Links:  (Click on the logo and sign in)

     Study Island               zoom