• Testing Procedures for
    Mrs. Carrell - Grade 7 Reading


    HASD Grading Policy:
    100-93 A
    92-85 B
    84-77 C
    76-70 D
    69-0 F
    Tests: 25%
    • All tests will be announced and posted
    • Students are expected to respond to open-ended questions/essay questions for each story that they are tested on.
    • All material on tests will be reviewed
    • No less than 3 tests will be given each marking period

    Quizzes: 25%

    •  Usually will be unannounced
    • Usually will contain 10 or fewer questions
    • May simply be a homework assignment
    1. Notebook Check- Students are encouraged to use The Cornell Method of notetaking.  Notebooks need to be neat and organized. 
    2. Stories/skills/concepts that we have gone over and students should know.


    Exam: 25%

    • Can either be a test /TDA- Text Dependent Analysis Prompt or a project.  If an exam is to be given, the class will always review before the exam.  

    Homework/Participation: 25%

    • Students are expected to have homework completed and with them the day after it is assigned..
    •  Students are expected to participate in class.