• Unit 2 Week 2 Stories, Spelling, Vocabulary, Sight Words,

    Grammar and Writing

    Mrs. Molli's Class


    Attention parents if your child is in the morning session, they should watch these links and go on Raz-kids and prodigy in the afternoon.

    If your child is in the afternoon session, they should be watching these links and using raz-kids and prodigy in the morning.

    Raz-kids Username: ELCMolliS



    Stories and Reading Skills

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    After you listen to the stories, make a chart of inside and outside traits of the characters. How did the characters respond to the problem in the story. 

    Click here and here to learn how to analyze a character of a story.

    Character traits Anchor chart click here to copy in your notebook.




    Click here to watch part 1 of the Phonics Lesson

    Click here to wath part 2 of the Phonics Lesson



    Click here for the new spelling words



    Sight Words

    Click here for the new sight words


    Vocabulary Words

    Click here for new Vocabulary Words




    Nouns ending in consonant y click here

    Singular and plural nouns click here

    Click here for the nouns song



    Writing (Don't watch all the videos at once. Watch as topic is taught. I have will have the dates next to them as I teach them. You may rewatch videos multiple times)

    Click here to reveiw elements of a story (11-16)

    Click here to learn about Narrative Writing (11-16)

    Click here for episode 1 of Narrative Writing (What is it?)

    Click here for episode 2 of Narrative Writing (Brainstorming) (12-3)

    Click here for episode 3 of Narrative Writing (Planning)(12-8)

    Click here for episode 4 of Narrative Writing (Introduction)

    Click here for episode 5 of Narrative Writing (Events)

    Click here for episode 6 of Narrative Writing (Closing)

    Click here for episode 7 of Narrative Writing (Revising)


    Raz-Kids and Prodigy

    Login to Raz Kids - click below on the rocket ship picture - Read the Raz Kids books your teacher assigned. Answer the questions after you read the book. 

     Raz-kids Username: ELCMolliS

    ***If you did not complete a FLIGHT CHECK in RAZ kids yet: Please click on these BLUE WORDS to watch a short video about how to do it. Then when you go to RAZ kids click on the FLIGHT CHECK rocket ship and complete the test. 

       Click here (Haga clic aquí) Login to Raz Kids Look for the Rocket for your assignment

    My Assignment


    Click here to play on Prodigy Math.

    (use your alphabet paper to find your username and password)