Heights-Terrace Elementary / Middle School

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    As we continue to maintain social distancing, the faculty and staff here at Heights-Terrace Elementary/Middle School wants to ensure you of our commitment to you as our school families. We cotninue to have open lines of communication through phone calls, emails, and other means. 

    Now that we have moved from providing enrichment and remediation assignments, any work that is assigned from May 4th is mandatory. These assignments will be counted towards attendance, evaluation purposes, and potentially placement for classes next school year. We ask students to show Heart of the Hawk when completing these asssignments. Completing these assignments will only improve their knowledge-base and create a better person ready for next school year.

     Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. 

    Stay calm, Stay home, Stay safe! 

    Mrs. Jocelyn M. Podlesney, Principal


    Kevin Schadder, Assistant Principal


    At Heights Terrace,
    we will not judge anyone by the color of their skin 
    or language that they speak,
    but by the content of their character.

    Adapted from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.
    Welcome to our school ! The quote listed above is not just a politically correct phrase we use to sound good, but something that we live by at Heights. We strive to respect each person as a unique individual with talents, feelings and short comings. It is our goal to provide every student with a quality education as well as providing an atmosphere of respect and acceptance. When your child enters our classrooms, they have joined our family and will be treated as such. 

    Understand that our expectations are high. We hold acceptance, tolerance, respect and understanding in high regard.  We expect each person to perform to his or her personal best, this includes students, faculty, staff, administrators, as well as parents;  no excuses ! Please explore our site and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.