• This page lists a number of teacher resources for a variety of needs and interests. 


    TIMS, PPID, Act 48

    This is where you can go find out information about Act 48 hours, retrieve your username and password, among other certification questions or issues.

    Office 365

    Office 365 contains many different programs or apps we can use to create and store documents, worksheets, assessments, and access them from anywhere, communicate with families and other staff members within the HASD, among others. This is a free service for employees.

    DRC Portal

    Once logged in, the DRC provides CDT data among others. This link also provides online help and tutorials.

    PVAAS Webinars

    This link provides youtube videos of webinars that have been offered from PDE and IU13. 


    This is the link to PVAAS data. Data is usually updated at the end of October following PSSA tests.


    This is the link to Pennsylvania Department of Education. You can find access to all things from the department of education here.

    PDE Standards Aligned System

    SAS provides a wealth of information relating to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and evaluation. Your username and password will allow you to save teacher resources such as lesson plans and activities and student resources among others.

    Pennsylvania State Employees Retirement System

    PSERS provides employment and retirement resources.

    Keystone State Literacy Association

    The KSLA provides a wealth of information regarding literacy. This can be a helpful teacher and student resource. Follow them!

    National Council of Teachers of Math

    NCTM is a nationwide math council. There are many instructional and assessment resources. There is a wealth of information and resarch relating to teaching math.