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    Online Instruction

    Subject: 7 Grade ELA 

    Class Period(s): 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 8th 

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    Weekly Objective(s):


                          Week of May 4th, 2020 


    1. Familiarize yourself with logging in and navigating the Edgenuity program 

    2. Watch the Edgenuity training vidoes. 

    3. Learn to use capitals, commas, and other connecting punctuation effectively.



    CC.1.4.7.F Demonstrate a grade-appropriate command of the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

    Study Island Anchors

    E07.D.1.2.1 Use a comma to separate coordinate adjectives

    E07.D.1.2.3 Use punctuation (commas, parenthesis, and dashes) to set of nonrestrictive/parenthetical elements.

    E07.D.1.2.4 Use punctuation to separate items in a series.

    E07.D.2.1.4 Choose punctuation for effect.

    E07.D.1.2.2 Spell correctly.



    IXL Learning - Log into your IXL account and complete some practice questions in the following topics: 


          Correcting Capitalization Errors                   Commas with series, dates, and places




    Click on the Edgenuity logo or Edgenuity Student Login link below to login and access the lessons for this week. 


     Edgenuity Student Login



    Independent Practice and Additional Resources:

    1. Watch the Language Arts Videos below for a review of the skills. 

    2. Study Island: Under My Class 

          Complete the Practice for Week of May 4th Capitalization and Punctuation 


            Capitalization Rules                                                Comma Rules 

    Classroom Language Arts Video                             Engish Writing Lesson  

    Click Here                                          Click Here

    Capitalization Rules                     Commas


    Assignments and Assessments:


               1. Edgenuity: Capitals and Commas Assessment 

                2. Study Island: Assessment Week of May 4th Capitalization and Punctuation 



    Quick Access Student Login Links:  (Click on the logo and sign in)

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