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    Ms. Rutecki
    Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext. 24500
    Grade: 2

    Hello Boys and Girls,

    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 

    I have some items listed below that you can practice and complete while you are at home. This is not a requirement. However, it is a good review or enrichment while you are at home.

    While we are out of school, you can log on to Imagine Learning and complete 20 minutes of Math and 20 minutes of Reading daily. Click below to access the log-in. Don't forget to use your school log-in and lunch card number. I noticed that some of you already logged in and continued on your learning path. Great Job! I am proud of you! Keep logging in and learning!

    Imagine Learning Reading and Math

    If you have free time you can work on the practice booklet I sent home with you.

    You can read a story in your book or re-read one of your favorite stories we read in class. 

    You can draw a picture or write about what you like about the season of Spring.

    You can journal what you have been doing on your days off including fun stuff!   :>)

    You can click on the Homework tab on the left side of this page and practice any work I have listed daily.

    You can check out the Useful Links tab on the left side of this page and do some educational learning.

    You can practice your math facts (addition and subtraction).

    You could check out the following link listed below for practice and enrichment. Click below.

    Practice and Enrichment Activities to Use While at Home

    You can have some fun. You can draw and then enter a contest. Click on the link below to enter the HPD Art Contest. Check with your parent(s)/guardian first.

    Art Contest (English)  

    Art Contest (Spanish)  


    I hope to see all of you soon.        


                                                 Ms. Rutecki



    Welcome to Second Grade!