Welcome Parents/Guardians!  Bienvenidos Todos Los Padres! 
    E-mail: Gartlandm@hasdk12.org
    Phone Number: 570-459-3221              
    I teach: K-6 Art


    Enrichment items, sketches, projects - are all optional.  The students may choose to do them, or not do them.  Keep in mind, each thing is designed to help students keep their skills sharp and have some fun during these challenging times.  If a painted project is posted, you do NOT have to use paint - No one has to buy art supplies to do the assignments, especially not paint - it gets very expensive very quickly.

    With that in mind: Everything can be done in color, with color pencils or washable markers, or black/white with regular writing pencils.  The concepts being used in each project are a bit more important. 

    Please note:  It will be my understanding that if you send me art, you would like it posted on the gallery, or you would like some feedback on it.  I will post the art, and I edit out student names assuming the art has a name on it.  Students, unlike in class, leave names OFF any art you send me please (and thank you!).

    How to send school appropriate artwork:

    You can either upload it on classdojo or e-mail it to me: Gartlandm@hasdk12.org.  Both are pretty easy for sending art I think.  Again - sketch prompts and other appropriate for school artwork is fine!  As a general reminder: keep the sketch prompts school appropriate too.

    How to contact me:

    • You can e-mail me: Gartlandm@hasdk12.org


    • You can use ClassDojo, assuming we are both connected to the same class.  Each class has a "message board" I can use.  E-mail is probably easier.

    • What is Elementary Art Class All About?


      • All students will establish acceptance, respect, and rapport with classmates
      • All students will practice responsibility, independence, and personal-monitoring
      • All students will express ideas, thoughts, and emotions, especially those which help inspire change and overcome personal conflict


      • All students will understand, apply, and manipulate Elements and Principles of Art
      • All students will integrate arts language into personal vocabulary
      • All students will investigate and extract inspiration from famous artists and paintings
      • All students will use the Arts to relate and synthesize the PA Common Core Standards


      • All students will handle materials, equipment, and tools safely
      • All students will describe, analyze, interpret, judge, and discuss artworks
      • All students will produce quality paintings, drawings, crafts, sculptures, prints, graphics, and installations