• When I grade, I look at several factors.

    One of the most important things I look for is a demonstration of critical thought.  This means if a student's art project is not turning out correctly, the student either asks 
    me for help to analyze the sample and figure out what's wrong, or the student attempts once or twice to analyze the example independently and apply any derived solutions
    to their own project.

    When a student asks me to look at their art project, a visual assessment tells me if the student has put forth their best effort, and if the student was able to apply the concept of the lesson to their individual art 

    When I see this effort, and satisfactory results, this usually results in a high grade in art.  

    K-2 currently still uses S, N, I, U, and a few others have been added.

    The four I tend to use are S, N, I and U.   

    S = Satisfactory,
    N = Needs Improvement,
    I  = Incomplete
    U = Unsatisfactory.  

    Grades 3-6 use numeric grades.

    The district has a grading scale - I will copy/paste it and link to it as soon as possible.

    I will also mention that most students do very well and demonstrate their artistic abilities every class.