• Grading:

    K-2 currently still uses S, N, I, U, and a few others have been added.

    The four I tend to use are S, N, I and U.   

    S = Satisfactory,
    N = Needs Improvement,
    I  = Incomplete
    U = Unsatisfactory.  

    Grades 3-6 use numeric grades.

    A = 93 to 100
    B = 85 to 92
    C = 77 to 84
    D = 70 to 76

    Grading criteria (what earns an A)

    The project done the way i've instructed it to be done
    The objective of the lesson achieved
    The student's own idea being realized as an art project after the in class project is done
    No scribbling
    Following a rubric where appropriate/necessary