• The unwritten rule that I will type here: Stay safe/Make Good Choices. 
    This directly affects the classroom environment.
    as well as what projects are done and how they are done.

    Other rules and guidelines that need to be followed

    • Respect everyone's space

    • Ensure your tables are clean after class

    • Put things back where they’re supposed to be

    • Keep things like paint, brushes, pencils, erasers and other media in good condition.

    • I have 2 regular brooms, a dust mop, and 2 dust pan/brush combos available for floor sweeping.  

    • If the sink is a mess from a specific class, that class needs to get the mess cleaned up.  

      For the most part, everyone is doing well in keeping pace with these guidelines.  
      This is appreciated by everyone, not just me, and not just fellow students.