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     Online Instruction for Week of 6.1.20 to 6.5.20

    Subject: Pre Algebra

    Class Period(s): 3, 6

    Teacher Message: Hey everyone! This is the last week of online instruction. You made it!!!! So many of you have risen to this challenge and worked very hard throughout the last several weeks. I am proud of you! In Edgenuity, you will finish the Pre Algebra course with "Equations of Proportional Relationships" and "Proportions." As usual, if you are feeling discouraged, please review the additional resources at the bottom of the page. There are videos and extra practice that may help you! You may also message me on Edmodo and come to my Zoom! Check your Edgenuity email or Edmodo for this week's date and time. 

    *All work is to be completed by Friday, June 5th, 2020.*

    Weekly Objective(s): 

    1. Identify the constant of proportionality from an equation.
    2. Write an equation to represent a proportional relationship.
    3. Translate between tables, graphs, and equations to represent proportional relationships.
    4. Write a proportion to represent a given relationship.
    5. Solve proportion problems by using equivalent fractions.
    6. Solve proportion problems involving complex fractions.


    • M07.A-R.1.1.4 Represent proportional relationships by equations.
    • M07.A-R.1.1.6 Use proportional relationships to solve multi-step ratio and percent problems.

    PDN: PDNs will be completed on Study Island. It is under your assignments and titled "PDN Week 5, 6/1-6/5."

    Lesson: Complete the following on Edgenuity (2 lessons this week)

        1. Equations of Proportional Relationships

    • Warm-Up
    • Instruction
    • Summary
    • Assignment
    • Quiz 

        2. Proportions

    • Warm-Up
    • Instruction
    • Summary
    • Assignment
    • Quiz

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    Independent Practice and Additional Resources:

    These Resources are NOT required, but they are very helpful if you are have trouble. If you fail a quiz attempt on Edgenuity, you should review here before trying again. 

    Assignments and Assessments: Please complete by Friday, June 5th, 2020 11:59 p.m. 

    •  This week, you will be graded based on successful completion of the following:
      1. Study Island PDN 
      2. Edgenuity Lesson, "Equations of Proportional Relationships"
      3. Edgenuity Lesson, "Proportions"

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