• Classroom Management Plan

    Every lesson I do integrates an ELA or a Math standard, and any ELA
    or Math involvement in our lessons is an idea derived from content and standards in the K-6 curriculum used by the district.

    As such, paying attention during times when I am teaching is very important.  

    If an issue arises..

    • I will give a verbal cue to stop arguing or stop doing whatever is interrupting the lesson/student progress.  
    • After a verbal cue, seat changes happen.
    • If a seat change doesn't stop further interruptions, I begin thinking about parent/guardian contact.
    • Should it be necessary, a discipline referral will be put into skyward.  


    Likewise, when positive reinforcement is earned

    • Verbal praise
    • Display work in an appropriate space
      • Art gallery on my teacher webspace
      • Classtag
      • MS Team Space
      • In the hallway at the building
      • in the classroom
    • Positive e-mail/phone call/class tag notice to parent/guardian.