Important Information 
    The Hazleton Area School District recently updated the dress code.
    Everyone needs to follow the Dress Code Policy every day throughout the entire school year. Thank You!
    Classroom Rules - The Class Rules are expected to be followed by everyone at all times. You will be notified if behavior becomes an issue.
    HAWK PRIDE HAWK PRIDE - Positive Behavior
    pencilSupplies - A clear bookbag is necessary for school. The student's name and colored bus card (if student rides the bus) should be visible.
    Everyone is expected to be prepared for class everyday with a pencil, the red student folder, morning work tablet, and homework book.
    A folder, a morning work tablet, and a homework book will be given to everyone at the start of the school year. The folder and homework book should come to school everyday and go home everyday. Please check folders and homework books nightly. The morning work tablet stays in school. 
    Please note if your child misplaces their folder, morning work tablet, or homework book throughout the school year, you will need to replace the missing item for your child. Students need to be responsible for their books.
     Homework - Homework will usually be given Monday-Thursday. Homework is always due the next school day. Homework is given to reinforce what the children are learning in second grade. Everyone is expected to complete and hand in homework on time the next school day.
     Snack - In second grade, snack will be daily. If you would like your child to have snack, please pack a healthy snack. Snacks are not provided by the school. No glass bottles.
    Gym- Students need to wear sneakers for gym class. Gym day is Monday.
    Library- Students are allowed to choose a book from the library they like and borrow it for the week. The student is responsible for each book they check out from the library.
    Busers -If your child rides the bus, they will be sent home on the bus daily.
    Parents/Guardians- If you need to pick up your child early from school on a certain day (for a dr. appointment, etc.) please let the office know. Thank You!

    - A necessary item for everyone ! :>)