•  " There is no equal opportunity if you can't read"
    " Helping your child learn to read can be very difficult if you are not sure what to do or how to do it. The Hazleton Area School District has implemented a program in grades K - 2 geared to helping children become better and more proficient readers. 
    How Children Are Taught to Read
    Arthur  All children are tested to determine exactly where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

    Arthur  In a small group setting, teachers give research-based instruction specific to your child's needs.
    Arthur  Once your child has mastered the skill they will move on to the next skill. 
    Arthur  Children are tested regularly to ensure they have mastered each skill.
    Arthur  If the children do not master the skill, the teacher will adjust instruction to continue to meet their needs.
    How Can Parents Help ?
    Arthur  Learn the process by using this page to help your child at home. The resources provided on this
               web site are some of the same materials that the teacher uses in the classroom.
    Arthur  The materials / resources on this site are broken into two separate sections;

               A. Phonological Awareness - The ability to hear sounds. You would be surprised at how many children can not hear the individual sounds in words. Please click the Phonological Awareness link on the left to learn more and find materials to help you help your child.
              B. Phonics- The ability to attach sounds to print. Once your child can hear the sounds they need to attach those sounds to letters. We start small and gradually increase. Please click the  Phonics link on the left to learn more and find materials to help you help your child.

    Arthur Take your time and schedule a conference with your teacher to find out exactly how your child is doing.