Mrs. Carrell's Classroom Procedures 
    Class Preparation
    Periods 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8
    The following materials are needed for class EVERYDAY!
    1. Reading Anthology (Prentice Hall Literature Text)
    2. Reading folder
    3. Reading Notebook-  
    3 Subject Notebook
    a. Vocabulary
    b. Story notes/Comprehension
    c. PSSA Practice/Reading warm-ups
    4. A self-selected book is needed for silent-sustained reading. Students are expected to read each night for at least 15-30 minutes.
    (Students are encouraged to read at least 25 books during a school year)
    5. Pencil or pen, highlighters, post-it notes


                                 cat on book
    Classroom Rules
    • All students will enter on time.
    • Students will come prepared for class having materials listed above.
    • Gum is prohibited in class.
    • Students will sit in assigned seats.
    • All items should be placed under students desks including purses.
    • Electronical devices including cell phones are prohibited in school.
    • Students will enter and exit the classroom in an appropriate manner.
    • Students will respect eachother.
    • Student(s) will not prevent other students from learning!
    • Students must raise their hands to participate in class discussions.
    • Students must wait until they are dismissed from class before they exit.
    • Students who are absent should check with the teacher for missed assignments.
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                               Class Instruction

         The goal of my Reading classroom instruction is to enhance the students Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Skills.  These skills will be reinforced by  Reading and responding to stories in The Reading Anthology(Prentice Hall) , working on The Pennsylvania Grade 7 Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content and Reading Novels.  The students will be exposed to various Literature Genres, including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Folklore (Myths, Legends, Fables, Tall Tales, Folktales) Poetry, Drama.  All of the stories will be read orally in class, however, the students are always encouraged to take the anthology home to re-read the stories.